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WaveMaker Releases Enterprise Web 2.0 Product Line to Bridge the Gap Between Departmental Developers and Central IT

November 29, 2007; 05:22 AM

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--WaveMaker (formerly known as ActiveGrid) today announced its new WaveMaker Visual Assembly StudioTM and Rapid Deployment FrameworkTM for Enterprise Web 2.0 applications. WaveMaker enables the visual assembly of scalable Web applications using AJAX widgets, Web services and databases. Using WaveMaker, Fortune 2000 organizations can embrace innovative Web 2.0 technologies while adhering to the architectural, security and data policies of CIOs.

The popularity of Web 2.0 sites like FaceBook and YouTube have led employees to expect business applications with similar capabilities, thus, increasing the expectations placed on the already overtaxed core development teams, said Josh Holbrook, program manager in Yankee Group's Enterprise Research Group. Rapid assembly tools like WaveMakers Studio give IT departments the ability to design and deploy applications that are both Web Fast and CIO Safe, addressing the needs of all constituents from the young, Web 2.0-hungry business teams to the backlogged developers and the compliance-constrained CIOs.

The WaveMaker Visual Assembly Studios visual environment allows developers and architects to create scalable, data-driven Web applications without complex code. Furthermore, WaveMaker allows CIOs to delegate the run the business applications to departmental teams, reducing costs while eliminating non-compliant, shadow IT projects.

Developers want easy-to-use, data-driven visual tools that can build scalable Web applications that meet CIO requirements, said Christopher Keene, chief executive officer at WaveMaker. We created WaveMakers new flagship product line to simplify the development process, accelerate assembly and deployment time, and dramatically improve business productivityall directly impacting an enterprises bottom line.

The WaveMaker Rapid Deployment Framework integrates more than two dozen open source products, including Spring, Hibernate, Acegi, Dojo, Json and JAXWS and a number of other integrated open source software projects. The new Rapid Deployment Framework introduces one-touch Web application deployment onto Java application servers, including Apache Tomcat and J2EE servers from IBM, BEA, Sun and Red Hat. In addition, WaveMaker deploys standard Java applications that core IT developers can maintain and extend with their existing skills and tools.

There is a fundamental disconnect today between the needs of business developers for high productivity tools and the standards laid out by central IT. WaveMaker is the only Enterprise Web 2.0 solution based on open standards to address the competing priorities of business teams and central IT. The WaveMaker solution allows developers to build and rapidly deploy critical internal applications with significantly less code and in a fraction of the time compared to traditional J2EE and .NET development methods.

The WaveMaker Enterprise Web 2.0 product line enables the creation of data-driven applications that quickly and seamlessly integrate into the existing infrastructure for tasks ranging from legacy application migration from Microsoft Access to development of new Web 2.0 sales applications that integrate data from multiple systems and Web services.

The WaveMaker Enterprise Web 2.0 product line includes the following features:

  • Drag and drop assembly with no code requirements WaveMaker Visual Assembly Studio combines pages, widgets and scripts to incorporate bind data, events and services.
  • Live layout WYSIWYG design allows testing with live data in the designer.
  • Re-usable components WaveMaker supports CSS for style, drop-in HTML, JAVA, RSS, WSDL and widgets, templates and applications.
  • One-touch deployment Real-time deployment to local Tomcat servers for testing and staging. WaveMaker applications can be deployed on a .WAR file, and in a local, on-site or on-demand deployment.
  • Built on open standards Incorporates over two dozen open source products including Spring, Hibernate, JAXWS, Dojo, JSon and Acegi, enabling IT to extend or maintain an application w/ POJOs.

Availability and Pricing

The free WaveMaker Visual Assembly StudioTM is now available as a public beta and will be generally available on December 17, 2007. Organizations interested in beta testing WaveMaker Rapid Assembly Studio or receiving more information and a demo can visit http://wavemaker.com as well as contact [email protected]

About WaveMaker Software

WaveMaker Software, Inc. enables the visual assembly and rapid deployment of Web 2.0 applications that meet enterprise IT standards. WaveMaker Software is Web Fast and CIO SafeTM, enabling developers to quickly create and deploy Web applications that adhere to the CIO's architecture, security and data policies. WaveMaker Software is privately held and headquartered in San Francisco, California, and is funded by Allegis Capital, Hummer-Winblad and Worldview Technology Partners. For more information, please visit http://wavemaker.com.

WaveMaker Software, WaveMaker, and Web Fast and CIO Safe are trademarks of WaveMaker Software. All other trademarks are property of their respective holders.

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