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ManageIQ Launches Enterprise Virtualization Management Suite

Introduces Smart Management for Virtual Infrastructures

November 29, 2007; 05:19 AM

Las Vegas-- November 27, 2007 - ManageIQ™, the emerging leader in the management and automation of virtualized computing environments, today unveiled the Enterprise Virtualization Management™ (EVM™) suite. EVM delivers the insight, control, and automation enterprises need to address the challenges of managing virtual environments, which are far more complex than physical ones. Patent-pending technology provided in the EVM Suite enables enterprises with existing virtual infrastructures to improve visibility and control, and those just starting virtualization deployments to build and operate a well-managed virtual infrastructure.

“Enterprises are just beginning to realize the full impact virtualization is having on management – particularly configuration management.” said Joseph Fitzgerald, Co- Founder and CEO of ManageIQ. “It's becoming increasing clear that in order to fully realize the value of virtualization, new management approaches and technology, specifically designed for virtual environments, are required. Configuration changes in traditional IT environments are a major cause of security, performance and availability issues, and the dynamic nature and additional complexity of virtual environments will only exacerbate these problems. The products we're announcing today leverage the ManageIQ team's deep expertise to provide the essential configuration management and real-time control necessary to manage, secure and operate these environments.”

ManageIQ was founded by a team of technology visionaries formerly of Novadigm, where they spent over a decade providing configuration management solutions enabling hundreds of enterprises to securely, efficiently, and effectively manage millions of computing devices.

“Configuration management is an important IT competency and is essential to support change and release management processes. Many of the recent regulatory requirements have only heightened the demand for IT operations to provide near realtime configuration data.” said Ronni Colville, Research Vice President, Gartner, Inc. “Virtualization adds additional layers of complexity to the IT environment, especially with respect to discovery and tracking of resources. Effective configuration management in virtual infrastructures will be critical to operations, security and the enforcement of standards and policies in these dynamic environments.”

The initial product offerings in the Enterprise Virtualization Management suite include:

EVM Insight™ - establishes a foundation for control and automation of virtualized environments by discovering and maintaining accurate configuration information, unique identification, genealogy, and relationship mapping. Comprehensive information and analysis is provided for hosts, virtual machines, virtual appliances, VirtualCenter instances, storage and network elements, OS, applications, patches, and accounts.

EVM Control™ - provides real-time, policy-based management, security, and compliance capabilities for virtualized environments. Policy-based controls over virtual machine usage at key operations and configuration lifecycle points enforce IT standards, improve reliability and availability, while reducing risk.

The Enterprise Virtualization Management Suite includes several unique capabilities shared across products:

  • An agent-free, non-invasive architecture dramatically reduces risk and time-to-value compared to agent and driver-based systems and reduces operational complexity. The architecture enables broad support for virtual machines and appliances due to the absence of an OS-specific agent.
  • Comprehensive configuration management capabilities, using patent-pending SmartState™ technology, enable the combination of real-time discovery, analysis, policy-based control of virtual machines across all states, even offline or paused.
  • Real-time policy-based management enforces enterprise policies and standards. Organizations can easily define their policies to match their specific requirements and can be based on configuration information, lifecycle characteristics, virtual hardware requirements, schedules, VM contents, genealogy and affinity. Policy impact analysis, modeling and simulation ensure accurate implementations.
  • An easy-to-use console leverages powerful Web 2.0 technologies - including RSS, AJAX, tagging, and mashups - to support information sharing and collaboration. Provides a rich set of out of the box reporting, visualization, and analytical capabilities to simplify management. Role-based access controls limit console access, reporting, and views with all activities logged for auditing purposes.
  • The EVM Virtual Management Database™ (VMDB) maintains configuration and relationship information about the virtual infrastructure, supporting change and release management processes. The VMDB provides a definitive and trusted source of virtual configuration information, and can be federated with a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) or other asset management databases.
  • Quick time to value and easy implementation through the use of a secure, high-performance, pre-configured, virtual appliance.

EVM Suite availability begins in December 2007. Pricing will start at $25,000.

VMware® and Microsoft® environments will be supported immediately, and XenSource™ environments will supported in the first quarter of 2008.

About ManageIQ
ManageIQ (http://www.manageiq.com) is the emerging leader in the management and automation of virtualized computing environments. ManageIQ solutions are designed and built for the unique challenges introduced by virtualization and enable IT organizations to realize the benefits of virtualization while achieving higher levels of insight, control, and automation. ManageIQ is a VMware Technical Alliance Partner, and a Xensource XenReady Partner.

Source: www.manageiq.com



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