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Instant Free Online Website Building Toolkit for Small Businesses

October 31, 2007; 09:10 AM

Seattle, WA, October 30, 2007 -- OfficialSiteBuilder now include Instant Site Builder, customized forms, site promotions, and more for website development, as well as (SEO) Search Engine Optimization tools. "Offering free services and web design tools has been proven to increase repeat website traffic", says Mark Rae, Marketing Director.

This is what the tool offers:

  • Extremely Stable, fast and secure - Works totally on Javascript and html; Ajax is in the works, no need to worry about Applets or ActiveX being used.
  • Instant Site Building - User-friendly wizards for site building. No need to learn HTML No technical or programming skills are required. A powerful online help is available. Focus on what you do best: selling.
  • Instant Web Site Modification - User-friendly wizards for site editing. Point and click. Just type your updates, click preview and upload the modified page. No need to wait for weeks for your Webmaster or worse, pay hundreds of dollars each and every time you need something done.
  • Easy HTML WYSIWYG Editing - Easy operations as simple as using MS Word! Easy HTML WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) Editing - Easy operations as simple as using Microsoft Word. If you can use a word document you can create, update and maintain a website. This tool allows you to do just that.
  • Your Own Logo & Image - No need to use the existing logos. You can use your own. Just create it in Photoshop (or have someone create it for you), upload it and select where you want it to appear. You will be able to upload the images directly into your content pages.
  • Customized Forms - Forms are what makes the web interactive. That way you can interact with your visitors. You can ask for feedback, have them fill surveys or simply contact you. You will be able to generate your own customized forms in few easy steps.
  • Guest Book Available - Add your own guest book to your contact pages. Make your site fun, ask for feedback about you and/or your products/services.
  • Edit Images Online - Don't like the images that come with OfficialSiteBuilder.com? Then edit them using powerful image editor. It just gets better and better.
  • Graphics Rich Templates - See instant snapshot previews of the templates you are creating. They are categorized based on theme for your convenience. You may choose one template at web site creation and change it afterwards if you feel like a new look for your website.
  • Site Promotion - Once the site is up then you will need traffic to sell your products/services. With the SEO tools included in Official Site Builder you will be able to promote your site.
  • Image Library - Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand of words. Use our image gallery to import huge number of images.
  • Direct FTP - For those of you that don't know what this means, with the FTP tool included in Official Site Builder you will be able to upload directly to your web host your newly created pages.

Who says there isn't such a thing as free lunch?

About OfficialSiteBuilder.com:
OfficialSiteBuilder is a non-profit organization committed to help the small guy creating a web presence.



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