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Aware IM Makes AJAX-Based Web Applications Feel Like Desktop Applications with No Programming

October 29, 2007; 04:40 AM

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) October 29, 2007 -- Awaresoft Pty Ltd today announced the release of version 3.0 of Aware IM - an intuitive and easy-to-use web database development and management software. The new version delivers a number of improvements to the user interface of web applications it automatically generates.

Thanks to the extensive internal use of AJAX technology, data on web pages in many cases is updated dynamically. This happens seamlessly without the browser whipping out and refreshing the entire page, which makes the user interface much more elegant. It is now possible to display multiple panels on a page with related or unrelated data allowing for composing such pages as dashboards and table-detail views.

Two new interface styles have been introduced along with great-looking modern menus and toolbars. Users can now dynamically resize or hide individual sections of the page. Another added degree of flexibility is an ability to partition a section into multiple pages accessible by tabs.

A rich-text editor now allows the users to apply formatting to text on data forms. Another great new feature is a search engine - style search where the system automatically narrows down the list of available choices as the users enter their text.

About Aware IM. Initially released in 2005, it is now used by many business professionals, IT administrators and application developers. Aware IM applications have been deployed in small businesses, research and educational institutions, large corporations and government agencies.

Aware IM greatly simplifies all three major areas of application development: database management, user interface and business logic. Aware IM hides all the complexity of managing a database by automatically creating and altering database tables, managing links between related data and creating SQL queries. Aware IM automatically generates HTML-based Web user interface with menus, forms and search result tables. In Aware IM business logic is specified as business rules, rather than scripts. The built-in rule engine automatically executes business rules when necessary. Standard functionality includes automatically generated personalized documents, processing of outgoing and incoming e-mails, flexible access control and full Web support.

Free trial version of Aware IM 3.0 can be downloaded at http://www.awareim.com/downloands

For more information visit http://www.awareim.com

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