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SSS Research Announces Collaboration with NGA

October 26, 2007; 05:17 AM

SAN ANTONIO & LISLE, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SSS Research today announced that it is working with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) to provide key software as part of its NGA Earth eGeoInt project. Under this relationship, SSS Research provides its GeoBoost Visual IntelligenceTM software solution to enable situational awareness and location intelligence for multiple constituencies.

We are very pleased to have been selected to provide the visualization software for this key initiative, said Dr. Stephen Eick, SSS Researchs Chairman and CEO. NGA plays such an important role in supporting the Intelligence and Defense communities, we are happy to collaborate on such a critical analysis tool.

One of NGAs 12 key focus areas is to look outward to be the most collaborative partner with the IC and warfighter. To support that focus, NGA has identified 3 key principles: Partnerships, Technology, and Standards. The innovative technology developed and deployed by SSS combines with a successful track record of previous projects with NGA to deliver a powerful analysis and visualization tool for the Intelligence Communities.

Before the emergence of Web 2.0 technologies, organizations were limited in their ability to leverage Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) and other location-based data. SSS Research has leveraged Web 2.0 (AJAX) and open data standards to enable geospatial visualization, collaboration, and analysis to users through a software solution that requires only a web browser. The result is better insight, faster across the entire enterprise in an easy-to-use tool that connects to multiple data sources simultaneously using open standards. A recent study indicated that 80% of data maintained by organizations has a location component; and the demand to access and analyze these data continues to grow. With the flexibility offered by SSS Researchs suite of VITM applications, organizations now have the ability to turn this data into actionable analysis quickly and easily.

About SSS Research

SSS Research has served the Federal IT marketplace since 2003 across many departments and agencies of the United States Department of Defense. Core competencies include thin client visualization and analytics R&D services. SSS has developed a unique Visual Intelligence(VI)TM product set GeoBoost and GeoTrack - which bring together the power of geospatial visualization technology and business intelligence into a thin-client SOA-compliant platform. Simply put, we help our customers visualize their data in ways never before possible, helping them make better decisions. The Web 2.0 platform allows this solution to integrate with any data source and be deployed and interacted with in real time on any thin-client via browser, including hand-held and mobile devices.

Core commercially-available products include:

  • GeoBoost - a Business Intelligence application - combines spatial or geospatial data with business intelligence (BI) data to enable location and time-specific analysis in a unique visualization portal.
  • GeoTrack - an asset visualization solution - interacts with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), GPS, or other data and provides a visualization and business rules solution for managing critical assets or personnel, location intelligence and situational awareness.



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