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Stampede Technologies Achieves Motorola SymbolPlus Validation

October 25, 2007; 08:12 AM
Stampede® Technologies, Inc. (www.stampede.com), a leading provider of acceleration solutions for Web-enabled Enterprise Applications, announced that the Stampede Application Acceleration Series™ with the Stampede Windows Mobile® Client software has successfully achieved SymbolPlus Validation through completing Motorola’s Solution Validation Program. The program includes joint testing at the Motorola Solution Center located in Holtsville, New York. This validation is significant since no other acceleration vendor offers client software for Windows Mobile devices and Motorola is the first handset vendor to be validated for acceleration using Stampede’s solution. Stampede will be exhibiting at Interop 2007 in New York, New York, October 24 - 25 at booth #417.

The Stampede Application Acceleration Series is a two-sided hardware/software acceleration solution for maximizing performance and bandwidth utilization of Web-based enterprise applications. The Stampede Application Acceleration Series employs performance-enhancing technologies such as TurboStreaming™ (for accelerating compressed or encrypted objects), SSL Client-side Termination (for accelerating SSL transactions), Intelligent Cache Differencing, Image Transformation, Connection Management and Load Balancing, providing significant performance enhancement. These optimization technologies support traditional HTTP/HTTPS, legacy TCP and the emerging Web 2.0/AJAX application environments.

As more and more enterprise users and “road warriors” gain access to enterprise applications from Smart Phones and PDAs, they are facing the same issues, and in many instances worse issues than traditional remote users; especially considering the high cost of bandwidth. Mobile phone users are now downloading large email attachments, accessing web applications, and utilizing company portals for applications such as Customer Resource Management (CRM) and support functions. All of this data, coupled with relatively slow connections, and high latency environments, causes great pain for these users. Stampede’s Mobile Client Software mitigates these issues, improving the performance for the user and reducing bandwidth utilization for all HTTP and TCP applications. Any mobile device running Windows Mobile 5 (Mobile 6 when available) can install the software to work in conjunction with Stampede’s acceleration appliances. When fully enabled, this client software provides all the benefits of two-way acceleration typically only found with Stampede’s Win32 based clients. The result is reductions in wireless bandwidth utilization of 50% or more, leading to significant cost of ownership savings.

"For enterprises that provide their mobile users with remote access to core business applications, WAN optimization is key to delivering acceptable application performance without over-spending on bandwidth", said Joe Skorupa, Research VP, Enterprise Communications Applications and Infrastructure, Gartner, Inc. "With the growth of non-traditional devices such as Smart Phones and PDAs, WAN optimization solutions must evolve to address the slow application response times and high bandwidth costs facing mobile users."

“We are proud to have achieved SymbolPLUS validation with the Stampede Application Acceleration Series and our Windows Mobile client technology”, said Gordon Dorworth, Stampede Technologies’ President and CEO. “We continue to provide innovative solutions to enterprise acceleration problems, and true mobile solutions are now affordable and secure.”

Motorola’s Solutions Validation Program enables partners to test and validate their mobility solutions on Motorola products to help ensure interoperability and meet the customer application-specific needs, as well as reduce both the risk level and the time to deployment for the customer. Working closely with the Motorola Solution Center engineering team, Stampede Technologies has tested and co-validated on select products, including the MC35, MC7094 and MC9094.

The terms of the validation, including disclaimers, are set forth in the Test Agreement between Motorola and Stampede Technologies and the validation report.  View the validation report here.

The Stampede Windows Mobile Client is available now, with pricing starting at $65 per client. Stampede Application Acceleration Series appliances start at $40,000, with backup or “hot standby” appliances starting at $20,000.

About Stampede Technologies, Inc.
Stampede Technologies is a Motorola Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner, and is a pioneering innovator of Internet acceleration systems and enterprise network performance solutions. The new Stampede Application Acceleration Series™ combines Stampede’s decade of experience in accelerating network-intrusive IP-based applications with Stampede’s unique Acceleration On Demand™ optimization injection technology and the ground-breaking Stampede Web 2.0 Performance Series™ to dramatically elevate our customers’ online productivity and enhance how they use the Internet to communicate and interact with their employees, partners and customers. When your enterprise applications are operating at top speed, maximum performance and total business value, it’s a Stampede! For more information on Stampede Technologies, visit http://www.stampede.com.

Source: www.stampede.com



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