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WebAssist Pro Maps for Google Makes Map Integration Simple for Adobe Dreamweaver Users

October 25, 2007; 06:21 AM

Encinitas, CA (PRWEB) October 25, 2007 -- Today's release of Pro Maps for Google™ from WebAssist brings the power and flexibility of Google Maps to an even broader audience by taking the complexity out of integrating Google Maps into web sites. Pro Maps for Google, an extension to Adobe Dreamweaver, makes it possible for database-driven and manually entered addresses to be displayed in a custom Google map on any website--without complicated coding.

Pro Maps for Google steps the user through the options, and integration process, with an easy to use wizard.

Features include:

  • Support for street addresses and coordinates: Pro Maps for Google accepts standard street addresses (both US and international format) as well as coordinates (longitude and latitude). Multiple points can be mapped in either or both formats.
  • Works with manual and database-derived entries: Users can enter their addresses or coordinates one at a time or bind them from database-driven content. Manual and database entries can be mixed in the same map.
  • Driving directions options: Include driving directions to your default destination with the click of a checkbox. The starting location can be manually entered, incorporated from a database or entered from a Web page form.
  • Full map controls made optional: Users can choose from two different pan and zoom configurations, map type (map, satellite, hybrid), inset and more.
  • Real-time traffic updates: Maps for major cities show where traffic is congested in over 30 major US metropolitan areas with color-coded overlays.
  • Enhanced address markers: Pro Maps for Google includes a library of seven address markers: Google traditional/flat, Google traditional/pillow, flag, pin, push pin and star, all in 11 different color schemes. Individual markers can be assigned to different addresses or address recordsets.

"Google Maps is an industry standard for navigating the world," said Ray Borduin, Vice President of Engineering for WebAssist. "Now anyone can integrate Google's feature rich maps with their database-powered sites, whether they're in the US or--with our new support for coordinates--anywhere else in the world via our step by step visual wizard."

Pro Maps for Google is compatible with Dreamweaver CS3 and Dreamweaver 8 on both Windows and Macintosh platforms. Pro Maps for Google retails for $39.99, but is available for $19.99 as a special introductory price until November 6, 2007 directly from WebAssist at www.webassist.com/go/googlepro.

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WebAssist makes the Web work with market-leading extensions (software add-ons) for the Adobe--formerly Macromedia--platform in eCommerce and productivity. Through custom integration services, WebAssist empowers businesses to extend their product's reach into the world-wide developer market. WebAssist.com hosts a self-service developer community with over 200,000 members registered. WebAssist's partners include Adobe, PayPal, AOL, Yahoo!, Google, and Affinity.

Pro Maps for Google © 2007 WebAssist.com Corporation.

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