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Nexaweb Enterprise Web 2.0 Suite Delivers Advanced Enterprise Mash-up Design and Management Capabilities

Platform Supports Blended IT & Business-User Application Development Paradigm; New Visual Editing, Integrated Debugging, and Testing Capabilities Enable Faster, Better, Cheaper Application Development

September 27, 2007; 03:26 AM

AJAX World Conference & Expo, Santa Clara, CA -- September 25, 2007 -- Nexaweb Technologies, Inc., provider of the leading standards-based platform for building and deploying Enterprise Web 2.0 (EW2.0) applications, today announced the latest release of its Nexaweb Enterprise Web 2.0 Suite.  Nexaweb’s Enterprise Web 2.0 Suite enhanced design and management features, as well as its interoperability with leading governance solutions from Layer 7 and HP Systinet, make it the ideal RIA, composite application and enterprise mash-up development and deployment platform for IT organizations and the heterogeneous and distributed business groups they serve. 

“Enterprise mashups indicate a potential major shift in how IT organizations develop and deliver applications,” stated Gartner. “This shift involves IT departments building and managing a scalable and usable environment of mashup components as a corporate asset.  These building blocks are assembled into applications by developers or end users.”[1]

Platform and Nexaweb’s Enterprise Web 2.0 Suite is an application development and deployment platform explicitly designed for enterprise and public sector organizations interested in rapidly developing and deploying RIAs, composite applications, and enterprise mashups.  The first-of-its-kind, the Nexaweb Enterprise Web 2.0 Suite enables professional application architects, developers, and designers to collaboratively build, deploy, and maintain Web-based applications, or application elements, using NexawebNexaweb Studio.

xaweb Studio, an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment, provides a comprehensive widget library, declarative data binding and validation framework, and automated debugging and testing features that allow IT organizations to manage critical aspects of an applications architecture including support, quality control, governance, access, and discovery.  Nexaweb Platform, a universal application runtime environment, promotes the combination of multiple client-side technologies including Ajax, Java, Flash, .NET, Swing, and others to support the deployment of dynamic applications and application services for user-driven assembly and personalization. 

“As organizations move more toward service-oriented architectures and mashups, they will increasingly be called on to create sets of services whose purpose is to support end-user computing through mashup technologies,” stated Gartner.  “These are structurally different from the services that are being produced for enterprise software.  IT organizations will need to establish guidelines for quality and governance.” [2]

Nexaweb’s Enterprise Web 2.0 Suite embraces the complimentary relationship of SOA and Web 2.0, and interoperates with a number of other leading Web 2.0 and SOA technology providers including Kapow Technologies for Web-based data services, Layer 7 for application access and governance, and HP’s Systinet Registry for SOA artifact indexing and discovery. 

Nexaweb Enterprise Web 2.0 Suite’s new and enhanced features include:

·         Visual Editor — A WYSIWYG environment for the creation of complete applications or application elements. Using the drag-and-drop format, developers can select user interface widgets from a palette, place them on a canvas, bind them with internal, external, and third-party data services, test and preview the application in a browser. The snap-to-grid feature ensures automatic alignment of the widgets, allowing them to be moved, resized and placed in containers with ease.
·         Integrated Ajax and Java Perspectives with a Simplified Design Matrix — Combines the basic Ajax and Java development perspectives in a single list view for achieving specific tasks. The visual layout is streamlined through reorganization of menu items, offering a more intuitive structure.
·         Integrated Debugging & Testing; Governance Interoperability — New Web service testing tools and help wizards support SOA integration, enabling developers to meet the challenges associated with application accessibility and usability.

“Agility and productivity are the most important characteristics of a successful business in today’s Internet-driven economy,” said Coach Wei, CTO and founder at Nexaweb.  “Customers, partners and even employees want information in real-time and they want it personalized to their specifications. We’ve designed the latest release of the Nexaweb Enterprise Web 2.0 Suite to meet these demands with tools that enable faster, better, cheaper application development and empower customers and their employees with dynamic application solutions that enable agility and increase productivity.”  

Availability and Pricing
Nexaweb’s Enterprise Web 2.0 Suite is available now with pricing starting at $17,900 dollars.  Visit the Nexaweb.com or dev.nexaweb.com to learn more.

About Nexaweb
Nexaweb’s Enterprise Web 2.0 Suite is an application development and deployment platform for building mission-critical, secure Web-based business applications. With Nexaweb, building enterprise-class Web applications that access legacy and service-oriented data systems is simple and doesn’t require re-writing code. And only Nexaweb’s EW2.0 solution is proven by more than 5,000 successful global deployments. Founded in February 2000 and rooted in the MIT community, Nexaweb is based in Burlington, Massachusetts. The company is privately held and funded by institutional investors.  For more information, visit www.nexaweb.com or call (781) 345-5500.

[1] Gartner, Inc., “Enterprise IT Departments Must Prepare for the Impact of ‘Mash-ups’ by Anthony Bradley, Daniel, Sholler, and David Gootzit, September 7, 2007.
[2] Gartner, Inc., “Enterprise IT Departments Must Prepare for the Impact of ‘Mash-ups’ by Anthony Bradley, Daniel, Sholler, and David Gootzit, September 7, 2007

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