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User Generated Content and the Mashup Generation: White Hot Topics of Advertising Week 2007 in New York City as Planetwide Media Demonstrates Social Media Creation Software

September 24, 2007; 04:46 AM

NEW YORK--Planetwide Media demonstrates Social Media "One Stop Shop" Suite of Web 2.0 Interactive Tools: Comic Book Creator 2.0, HyperComics.com, 3D Comic Reader, Character Creator and Online Digital Comics Creator. The reason why the "Mashup Generation" has chosen Social Media and User-Generated Content over any other form as their media of choice is for one reason - it's viral by nature and this is a generation that demands sharing of media. Trends spread at the speed of light, or maybe even faster, and can be made or broken by the "wisdom of the crowds." Unlike more established media including television, radio, and newspapers, Social Media has become the juggernaut that takes the "Mashup Generation's" media viewing and via their consuming habits, brings them online, makes them community based, interactive, and sharable. Never before has personal digital media become as easily portable and viral. Media used to be shared at the water cooler the next day with your friends at the office. In today's "Mashup Generation," yesterday's water cooler has been replaced with one's own personal information feed, tracked by one's connections and identities across social networks. Whether it's a video posted to YouTube.com, a news story posted to Digg.com and shared with your Facebook.com friends, or even a 3D digital flip book created at http://www.HyperComics.com and posted to your MySpace.com profile, media today is portable, viral and shared with your friends with a click of the mouse. Social Media has become the "Mashup Generation's" media of choice as its has shown the advertising and online interactive industry that it is "most viral, powerful and relevant form of media" in today's interactive and online media marketplace place, and will be for years to come.

In response to the "Mashup Generation's" rabid hunger for social media and interactivity, Planetwide Media has developed and published the Social Media Creative Suite of interactive tools with Comic Book Creator 2.0, HyperComics.com, 3D Comic Book Reader, Character Creator and Online Digital Comics Creator. This Web 2.0 social media creative suite lets the user Mashup Video, Audio, Animated Gifs, Digital Pictures, and Clip Art. Everyone has a story to tell, everyone wants to share it , but until now choices have been limited. Comic Book Creator 2.0 is a social media software creative suite that allows users to easily create and share their own stories utilizing and mashing up digital photos, music, sound effects, videos and animation. Comic Book Creator 2.0 also lets users take full advantage of the superior features and functionality of Windows Vista in terms of visual experience, as well as graphic processing quality. Also included is a program called PD Particles. PD Particles serves as a comprehensive and self-contained painting and illustration tool with a focus on Particle Brushes. Users can easily create fascinating original artwork containing shrubbery, foliage, trees, grass and a variety of other special illustration effects based on painting with particles and bristles, such as magical lighting effects, hair, fireworks and waterfalls, etc. Another prominent addition to Comic Book Creator 2.0 is Audacity, an easy-to-use audio editor and recorder that offers users the chance to record live audios and digitize recordings, and then include them in their story and comic book and digital comic creations. Users will also be able to import sound files, edit and combine them with other files or new recordings. Comic Book Creator 2.0 couples an easy-to-use drag and drop technology where users can take more than 1,200 screenshots, caption boxes, clip art, audio clips and artwork into a selection of 100+ professional layout and design templates, and combine their creations with a personalized storyline to make their own stories and comics. The completed creations can then be posted to blogs or social networks, emailed to friends, printed in comic book form or published to Planetwides online social network at http://www.HyperComics.com.

Our social media creative suite of interactive tools including http://www.HyperComics.com provides anyone with the creative platform for online storytelling, sharing and collaboration, said Kevin Donovan, President of Planetwide Media. HyperComics.com has evolved into a Web 2.0 destination for the Mashup Generation."

Membership to HyperComics.com is free and allows anyone the ability to create and upload their own personal story and comic creations and search officially licensed and approved content from various genres such as comic books, animation, manga, and anime. Users can create and publish personalized digital comic books, storybooks and comics using images from their own video gameplay or photo comics to share with friends, family and fans. More than just an online social network, HyperComics.com serves as a key next generation resource for fans and content creators by providing an online destination to publish, search, create, showcase, review, rate and discuss new comic book and storybook creations. HyperComics.com offers complete online social networking functionality including commentary, ratings, blogs, forums and groups. HyperComics.com will allow comic creators to share their work, discuss others work, enter contests and read interviews with the comic book industry professionals. A FREE trial version of Comic Book Creator 2.0 will let a new member design, create and easily post user-generated content online to HyperComics.com and will let anyone become a comic book creator.

About Comic Book Creator

Planetwide Media's Comic Book Creator 2.0 is the first truly intuitive drag and drop interactive entertainment software for creating comic books, personal, educational, and photo-album presentations. The self-publishing Comic Book Creator 2.0 technology provides a complete digital art studio, equipped with fully-licensed screenshots, characters, logos, clip art, caption headers, and word bubbles. There are several licensed versions of Comic Book Creator products available from Planetwide Media including Marvel Heroes, Spider-Man, X-Men, Speed Racer, TOKYOPOP, National Geographic, Virgin Comics, Viacom, Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon Movies, Charlotte's Web, Barnyard, Nacho Libre, Sony Online Entertainment, EverQuest II, just to name a few. The ground breaking Comic Book Creator 2.0 software blurs the line between static and animated art by the blending of screen shots with audio files, animated GIFs and a flash flip-book option. Comic Book Creator 2.0 users can publish directly to www.HyperComics.com with no special web tools, as well as to any printer, email, personal website, or blog.

About Planetwide Media

Planetwide Media (www.MyPlanetwide.com), a division of Planetwide Games, Inc., provides a unique and patent pending, interactive, self-publishing personalized media platform for a wide audience of emerging consumers in the digital media space. The company provides web enabled tools, software applications and video games that create personal interactivity. The company's signature product, Comic Book Creator 2.0, is a best-of-breed digital media platform that embraces User Generated Content (UGC) and enables users to blend their creations into their social networks, their blogs and across the web. Comic Book Creator 2.0 is an easy to use platform that provides the consumer with a richly enhanced interactive digital experience. Planetwide Media is currently combining the powerful Comic Book Creator 2.0 technology with licenses of world-class brand leaders in entertainment, video games, comics, music, sports, and popular lifestyle brands worldwide. For licensing and brand partners, Comic Book Creator 2.0 is built upon Planetwide's customizable "MediaMint" technology platform to extend their digital footprint into an interactive digital experiences.

Visit http://www.HyperComics.com, http://www.MyComicbookCreator.com and http://www.MyPlanetwide.com for more information.

Comic Book Creator TM & © 2007 Planetwide Games, Inc. All rights reserved



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