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JumpBox Marks its Tenth Application with the Release of its JumpBox for TWiki Wiki

Innovative start-up adds to its Wiki JumpBox collection and its growing library of virtual appliances.

September 13, 2007; 03:12 AM

Tempe, AZ (PRWEB) September 13, 2007 -- JumpBox, Inc., a provider of virtual appliances that make using server software radically easier, announced the addition of TWiki Wiki to its library of JumpBoxes for Open Source software. TWiki is the tenth JumpBox virtual appliance added to the library. JumpBoxes allow for quick and simple deployment of Open Source, server-based applications by bundling the entire application into a turn-key, pre-configured unit that runs on top of virtualization software. This enables the application to be up and running in minutes and makes deployment trivial on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

"We're thrilled about the TWiki release," said Kimbro Staken, Co-founder and CEO of JumpBox. "Growing our application library and adding to our Wiki collection are significant steps toward our goal to become the destination for easy to deploy server software."

TWiki is an enterprise collaboration platform based around the Wiki concept of collaboratively created content. It enables the creation of free-form and structured content and can be used for numerous applications including: project management, document management, a knowledge base or as a groupware tool. With the release of the JumpBox for TWiki Wiki, users can more quickly and easily tap into this powerful collaboration platform.

"With a JumpBox, setting up TWiki Wiki for use by a small team takes just minutes instead of hours or days," said Sean Tierney, JumpBox Co-founder and COO. "And because the JumpBox interface is consistent across all applications, that same experience can be had for content management, project management and blogging, giving users a complete set of productivity tools."

In the coming months, the company will be aggressively adding to its library of server software applications and its collections of CMS, CRM and Wiki JumpBoxes. The complete JumpBox application library is available at www.jumpbox.com.

About JumpBox
JumpBox was founded in 2006 with the goal of making the deployment and management of server software dramatically easier. The company's JumpBox applications are virtual appliances that utilize virtualization technology to make this goal a reality. The JumpBox Open Source Application Library contains a pre-built set of JumpBoxes that provide a simple, safe and supported way to deploy Open Source server software. JumpBoxes currently exist for: Drupal, Joomla!, MediaWiki, DokuWiki, PunBB, Wordpress, SugarCRM, TWiki Wiki, vTiger CRM and Trac/Subversion. JumpBox is based in Tempe, AZ. http://www.jumpbox.com

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