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IEEE® 802.15.4, multi-channel, time-frequency wireless protocol analyzer

September 14, 2007; 01:16 AM

IEEE® 802.15.4, multi-channel, time-frequency wireless protocol analyzer


Tel-Aviv, Israel, September 13, 2007


Perytons introduced today the industry's first multi-channel, time–frequency protocol analyzer for the IEEE® 802.15.4 wireless protocol. The Perytons15.4™analyzer provides a complete analysis toolbox for the 802.15.4™ PHY and MAC layers.


The Perytons15.4™ analyzer provides the capability to analyze and track multiple network sessions that coincide in time. Results are presented on a user-friendly two-dimensional Time-Frequency view. The analyzer is capable of sorting sessions by frequency, PAN ID, or request-reply association. In addition to the Time-Frequency view, extensive message analysis toolbox provides message properties display showing field values description and meaning.


Using the Perytons15.4™ enables developers to significantly shorten development and integration time and is extremely beneficial to insure interoperability with other companies and compliance with standard. The analyzer is an essential tool for on site debugging where various devices are operating in the same unlicensed band. It can be easily installed on a field technician laptop accessorized with a small USB dongle.


Yaron Soffer, Perytons Co-founder and CEO said: "We have been approached many times in the last year by customers asking for 802.15.4 protocol analyzer. Realizing the lack of low layer analyzers we adopted our customizable PerytonsPro™ protocol analyzer engine, to support IEEE® 802.15.4. The analyzer combines rich feature set with intuitive GUI and open development environment. We are working with our partners to make the Perytons15.4™ the de facto standard for point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint networks analysis"


For pricing and further information visit www.perytons.com or contact us at [email protected].


A free evaluation version of the analyzer can be downloaded from http://www.perytons.com/perytons154actreq.htm.



About Perytons


Perytons, the analyzers group of Omirons Ltd. is a leading supplier of analyzers for proprietary and standardized wireless communication protocols. Perytons is built to provide high grade development support solutions for developers of wireless communication chipsets and systems. Information about Perytons product lines is available at www.perytons.com.


Yaron Soffer



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