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New Identity Management Platform Gives Control To Users

ProfileBuilder Aggregates Social Networks, Online Identities

August 30, 2007; 02:33 AM

BIRMINGHAM, Mich., Aug. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- ProfileBuilder, the online identity management platform that allows anyone to take complete control of their online identity, has announced its public beta launch of Profil.es at http://www.profil.es .

Profil.es is a new way to manage and consolidate multiple online personas to create a consistent online identity at one single location. Profil.es allows the user to manage what others know and see, essentially creating a lasting identity that can be found easily and tracked regularly.

The Profil.es product was launched in beta preview form at the TechCrunch MeetUp event July 27 in Menlo Park, Calif. Since the event, Profile Builder has been aggressively adding new features and adapting the product based on user feedback. During the beta preview, approximately 5,000 profiles have been created, and ProfileBuilder has received more than 450,000 page views.

"Consumers are using many different social networking sites and need a centralized location for these sites and identities so people can create the online profile they want the world to see," said Boyan Josic, founder and CEO of ProfileBuilder. "With Profil.es, consumers can easily build their online identity with the ability to control exactly what they want others to see about them."

By creating a Profil.es, a user can manage and track an online identity for life, similar to having a single phone number for life. No matter how many social networks a user joins, the Web identity will be up-to-date. ProfileBuilder provides a way to automatically update information in major social networking platforms, and an API will allow anyone to build an update mechanism.

The Profil.es product offers a number of options for letting others view a profile. A unique Profil.es icon (P) can be added easily to emails, blogs, Web sites and anywhere HTML code can be placed. Profil.es can also be linked to other social networking sites such as LinkedIn and MySpace. Users can also take advantage of a feature that will place their profile prominently in Google results when their name is searched.

The Profil.es dashboard provides users with the tools to identify how many times and on which pages their profile has been viewed by others. In addition, the dashboard also makes it easy for the user to control which aspects of their profile will be displayed depending on the location. The user has complete control over what people see when they click the Profil.es icon.

Profil.es can be customized by selecting from pre-existing templates or by creating custom creations via a design wizard. The platform is available to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox users.

Users can be notified of new features and updates as they happen by visiting the ProfileBuilder blog at http://www.profilebuilder.com/blog .

About Profil.es

Online identities can be created, managed and consolidated with Profil.es, a breakthrough Web product that gives individuals a single, comprehensive platform to manage, enhance and control their online persona. Profil.es can include different channels -- blogs, photos, videos, résumé, skills, even Twitter. Using an easy-to-use set of tools, anyone can customize their Profil.es, control visibility and access, and track in-depth stats on performance and activity. Profil.es uniquely identifies who you are. Currently in beta, Profil.es was created by Profile Builder, a company that develops products to enhance your online identity.

About ProfileBuilder LLC

ProfileBuilder LLC, founded by Boyan Josic in 2007, develops products to enable connectivity between online social profiles. The company launched its flagship product, Profil.es, into beta in July 2007. Josic has founded several companies, including Privatas Equity Holdings, a Private Equity firm, and BOSSdev, an IT consulting company.



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