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AskMe Propels Enterprise Networking and Collaboration to New Level

August 29, 2007; 05:46 AM

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AskMe Corporation, the leader in Expertise Management solutions, today announced the major release called Azo including many first to market capabilities. Azo aims at providing medium and large size organization new mechanisms to connect their knowledge workers to form social and professional networks, to enhance collaboration, knowledge sharing and best practice dissemination amongst its workforce.

Azo draws heavily from the research of business needs and user behaviors at several leading organizations such as Procter & Gamble, Boeing, Novartis, Pfizer, PTC, Pratt & Whitney, and others. Azo is designed to be easy to use, simple and fast similar to the new generation of internet applications, at the same time meeting the compliance, regulatory and other critical business needs of an enterprise. Key focus areas include:

Expertise Management: Technology that enables organizations to profile their employee knowledge and expertise to solve business problems faster. New capabilities include Auto Answer which helps employees receive an instant answer to their queries by matching the question to most relevant answers from the knowledge base. Business rules and workflow to manage knowledge requests and responses based on business process needs. Community Building Tools to enable moderators in communicating with their members quickly and effectively.

Web 2.0 Style Collaboration: AskMes capabilities reach a new level with integration of Web2.0 tools and technologies. Blogs, Wikis and editable FAQs enable employees to collaboratively create content in communities that are stored in the knowledge base for future re-use. AJAX based user interface, makes the application less cluttered, more dynamic and faster. Support for RSS feeds help deliver new content updates directly to users. Social Networking features promote better collaboration among employees thus making the organization more connected. Auto-profiling technology automatically updates employee profiles keeping them up to date.

Best Practice Dissemination: The new version provides customizable templates to publish best practices and lessons learned. AskMes Routing/approval tools enable review, tracking, approval, and archival of best practices based on business needs. Subscriptions and Auto-Notify features provide capabilities to disseminate Best Practices to right people within the organization.

Azo version adds over 50 new features across the board like Publish via email, Recent Content, Community Activity Tracking, to enhanced Reporting and Administration capabilities which has received very positive feedback from all our customers, says Anil Kumar, General Manager of AskMe.

Udai Shekawat, CEO sums up saying This release reinforces AskMes commitment to providing the best expertise management solution and bringing Web 2.0 to the enterprise and cements our leadership position in the market.

About AskMe Corporation

AskMe Corporation is the world's leading provider of Expertise Management software solutions for Global 2000 companies. The company's flagship product, AskMe Enterprise, connects employees with problems to employees with solutions. By using AskMe Enterprise, large companies are dramatically improving the quality and speed of execution throughout their organization. AskMe's solution has been deployed by a robust list of blue chip companies that includes Procter & Gamble, Boeing, Novartis, PTC, Pratt & Whitney, Gerber and US Department of Commerce, among others. AskMe is privately held corporation with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. (Additional information at www.askmecorp.com)

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