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EditGrid Launches iPhone Edition of Its Popular Online Spreadsheet at the Office 2.0 Conference

New Edition Empowers Knowledge Workers – Viewing Data a Snap With Multi-Touch Feature

September 10, 2007; 02:46 AM

SAN FRANCISCO--EditGrid, the award-winning leader in online spreadsheets, today announced the launch of the iPhone Edition of its popular Web-based spreadsheets at the Office 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. EditGrid subscribers will now be able to easily access and use their online spreadsheets right on their mobile phones.

Spreadsheet applications have long been used on mobile devices, but none have been successful because of the lack of file synchronization and screen size limitations. Voted a winner of the prestigious Red Herring 100 Asia 2007 Awards, EditGrid is demonstrating its technology leadership with the iPhone Edition by creating an application that allows business users to utilize the iPhone as a business tool to keep updated while on the road.

Our goal is to make it easy for business users to access their files while out of the office, said David Lee, Chairman of Team and Concepts Limited, developer of EditGrid. By supporting the new iPhone, were helping our clients stay connected to their critical data and providing a seamless transition from their desktop to their phone.

EditGrid recognized that knowledge workers want a spreadsheet application to keep up with the latest figures and not necessarily for data crunching. EditGrids real-time update (RTU) feature allows users to get the information they need immediately without worrying about syncing files all files are stored and updated on EditGrids server.

EditGrid iPhone Edition

The iPhone Edition of EditGrid is a customized version of EditGrid which enhances mobile usability. It offers:


Three-Mode Access -- Due to the limitation of screen size and speed of iPhone's Safari JavaScript engine, EditGrid was optimized for different usages in three modes:


Edit Mode: Allows users to do simple data crunching with better data formatting support. The data inputted are automatically saved to EditGrid's server. Suitable for small spreadsheets


View Mode: Enables the best possible performance for users to read their spreadsheets


Hybrid Mode: Allows users to view a larger spreadsheet with simple editing capabilities


Viewport and Two-Finger Scrolling -- To save bandwidth and loading time, EditGrid loads spreadsheet data to the iPhone on demand. By using two-finger scrolling, a signal is sent to the EditGrid server which triggers loading of additional data and smart preload.

To launch the iPhone Edition of EditGrid, visit http://iphone.editgrid.com on your iPhone.

About EditGrid

EditGrid is a leading online spreadsheet technology developed and provided by Team and Concepts (TnC). With more than 80% coverage of traditional desktop spreadsheet application functionality, real-time collaboration capabilities and advanced features enabled only on the web, EditGrid is well-positioned to capture the unfulfilled demand in the enterprise application market. Upwards of 25% of businesses still operate exclusively on desktop spreadsheet applications, making online spreadsheets potentially the second most important web application after webmail. EditGrid's agile architecture and rich API layer enables it to be successfully partnered with several software applications and services that require a user-friendly data manipulation interface. EditGrid has successfully integrated with salesforce.com, Infoteria's OnSheet, Central Desktop and ThinkFree Online Office. Offered on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis on editgrid.com, EditGrid is also available in licensed packages for installation behind the corporate firewall. For more information, please visit http://www.editgrid.com/.

About Team and Concepts

Team and Concepts (TnC) is the developer of EditGrid, the leading online spreadsheets technology and provider of the subscription-based online spreadsheet service editgrid.com. Founded in 2003 by David Lee and partners, TnC is experienced in high-end web technology R&D and is on course to bring about the best online spreadsheet technology available. Based in Hong Kong, TnC is privately held and has recently secured a Series A funding from WI Harper.

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