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eSoft Bookends Firewall/UTM Product Line with Sub-$1,000 InstaGate 404e

July 30, 2007; 03:39 AM
eSoft, Inc., a leading vendor of integrated Internet security and content management solutions, announced today that it has launched the InstaGate 404e Internet Security Gateway, a sub-$1,000 Firewall/UTM appliance designed to protect small organisations and networks from modern application-based threats.

Designed for networks of up to 25 users, the InstaGate 404e offers an organisation full protection from Internet malware, in addition to providing anti-spam, email filtering, web site filtering, IM and peer-to-peer (P2P) application control and secure IPSec VPN connectivity to remote sites and mobile workers. Unlike most Firewall/UTM appliances on the market, the InstaGate 404e is designed to protect organisations from the latest threats brought on by Web 2.0, AJAX and other advanced application-layer technologies. This is enabled through eSoft’s proprietary Bi-modal scanning technology, which features both proxy and packet-based scanning, allowing features and capabilities that traditional UTM appliances do not have.

According to Scott Lukes, eSoft’s Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, “Traditional Firewall/UTM devices tend to be packet-based, which means they do not have the capability to incorporate mail transfer agents, or MTAs, into their devices, nor can they fully proxy for mail protocols like SMTP/POP3 or web protocols such as HTTP/HTTPS. As a result, these devices are not able to offer full services such as anti-spam or web content filtering. Instead, they tend to ‘front-end’ for external cloud-based services, which can add latency and open up additional security holes in the network.”

“eSoft has devised a very unique solution to a very serious problem,” said Jeff Wilson, Principal Analyst, Network Security with Infonetics Research. “Modern Internet threats are so sophisticated that there is no one technology or architecture approach that can possibly address them all. Bi-modal scanning should prove well to eSoft customers as it gives them the best of both worlds, packet and proxy-based scanning in a single solution.”

Pricing and Availability

eSoft’s InstaGate 404e Internet Security Gateway is available immediately and pricing starts at £518.

About eSoft, Inc.

eSoft, Inc. (www.esoft.com) is a leading provider of integrated Internet security solutions offering organisations protection from dynamic Internet-based threats. eSoft's award winning InstaGate™ and ThreatWall™ platforms offer high-performance Deep Packet Inspection security services including Firewall/UTM, complete email security, and total web security. eSoft solutions are based on purpose-built hardware platforms running security software modules called SoftPaks™, which are distributed and maintained through eSoft's patented SoftPak Director™ technology. eSoft solutions offer IT managers extreme simplicity and flexibility when deploying and managing network security. Fewer demands for time and security expertise from IT staff lower the total cost of ownership. eSoft’s headquarters are located in Broomfield, Colorado, and its EMEA head office is located in Bracknell, UK.



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