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Global Video Search - A New Revolutionary Web2.0 Service Tool

Uvouch.com, one of Web 2.0's most innovative video communities, has added a function to search the Web for access to over 10 million videos. This innovative Web 2.0 community is aiming to become the premier video and bookmarking aggregator on the Web and

May 29, 2007; 03:52 AM
Uvouch has continually added functionality since their beta launch back in March. The vision of Parveen Panwar CEO of Uvouch is a simple one, to allow people to capture, store, organize and utilize any available video or link data on the Web. The incremental addition of user requested and technically necessary Web 2.0 function is an ongoing daily process for the developers at Uvouch (http://www.uvouch.com) .

Global Video Search

Search at Uvouch is accomplished locally or externally from a simple text query. As an example, a text search for a video will render any relevant local results, but users are now also directed to an open API search of the top 9 other video sites in the world. Global search adds another dimension to an already quality video community experience.

Uvouch (http://www.uvouch.com) users now have access to virtually any video from YouTube, Livevideo, Grouper, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Revver, Veoh, Blip.tv or Soapbox.msn. Relevant search results are displayed in a preview where users can watch and add their favorites with a click right from their Uvouch home community. Combined with browser add buttons, embeddable video rolls and playlists and a vast array of user tools this added search capability sets Uvouch apart from every other video community on the Internet. CEO Parveen Panwar equates a site's success to the enjoyment his users get from the Uvouch experience.

"Success at Uvouch.com is determined by the flexibility, utility and enjoyment our users derive from our innovation. People should have easy access to all the available video and links on the Web."

Uvouch.com provides one central web site where users can search for the best in online videos and websites, collect videos and links, create playlists of their favorites and organize their collection into meaningful collections. Best of all Uvouch.com's features are totally free.

The Social networking feature allows users to vouch for quality videos and sites by rating, critiquing and recommending them to others. Sharing of videos and links is carried out via email, blog or site embedded playlists and video rolls or user recommendations in the community.

Bloggers and site owners can utilize a unique array of embeddable playlists and video or link rolls to share with their visitors. These useful tools are fully customizable and allow users immense flexibility in sharing interesting favorites on any site. Combined with this new search aspect site owners will now be able to compile truly unique combinations and playlists formed from literally millions of possibilities.

Uvouch.com essentially intends to leave no stone unturned in providing exactly what their valued members need from their links and videos. All users are also given credit via links to their profiles for all their contributions. The short list of Uvouch's features is listed below, and much more is to come in the coming weeks including an upgraded home page and some more very cool user tools.

Major Features:

Global Search - Search over 10 million videos worldwide with a simple textual query
Video and Link Browser Buttons-- Import videos and website links to Uvouch.com with a single click.
Instant Import--Instantly import videos and links from other social network sites.
Video and Link Rolls-- Create rolls of favorite videos or links to display on website or blog.
Personalized Search-- Personalized search boxes on websites to allow site visitors video searches.
Popular Tags Links-- Display popular tags from links and videos on websites or blogs for visitor access.
Publishing Tool-- Allows visitors to a website to save a particular page, article or video to Uvouch.com.

About Uvouch.com:

Uvouch.com is operated by Globotech Solutions in Melbourne, Australia. Uvouch beta was launched in mid March of 2007 and continually adds functionality and content based largely on user generated feedback from during this beta phase. The unique tools for bookmarking, interfacing, searching and linking place Uvouch.com squarely in the next generation of Web 2.0 websites.

For more information, please visit http://www.uvouch.com, check out the Uvouch blog at http://www.uvouch.com/blog or contact Uvouch's CEO Parveen Panwar directly at: 61397980532 (Australia) or 646.862.7651 (U.S.)



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