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SBE Selects Nexaweb Enterprise Web 2.0 Platform to Deploy Global Partner, Maintenance, & Retail Operation Applications

Nexaweb Enables SBE Developers to Quickly and Easily Build, Customize and Deploy Web-based, Operational Applications that Deliver Real-Time Data via a Rich User-Interface to Customers and Partners Worldwide

June 28, 2007; 02:38 AM

SOAWorld 2007 Conference & Expo - New York, NY - June 26, 2007 - Nexaweb Technologiesâ, Inc., provider of the leading standards-based platform for building and deploying Enterprise Web 2.0 (EW2.0) applications, today announced that the SBE Group, a global electronics service and logistics management provider headquartered in France, has successfully deployed its new centralized IT system called Artemis, based on Nexaweb’s Enterprise Web 2.0 Platform.

Originating from a former subsidiary of a telecommunications group, SBE was created in April 1987. From inception, the company has capitalized on its expertise in electronics to provide major telecommunications manufacturers and network operators with maintenance services. Today, SBE has subsidiaries throughout Europe and continues to grow at a fast pace, servicing more than 20,000 products per month.
The Nexaweb Enterprise Web 2.0 Platform has enabled SBE to migrate many of its traditional client/server logistics, maintenance, and retail store applications to browser-based, Enterprise Web 2.0 applications that provide real-time data access to end-users, employees and partners around the world while reducing management, maintenance, and operational costs. Some of the Artemis-based applications SBE has modernized include:

  • PSMobile:  An application that provides partners an online repair guide and enables them to schedule device repairs with SBE headquarters
  • ECRM:  A Call Center application that gives customer service representatives real-time information about the status of device repair and approximate completion
  • Demarq:  A device maintenance and logistics application that gives users a real-time view of inventory and allows them to quickly add or remove devices, manage descriptions, and more
“As we planned our growth throughout Eastern and Southern Europe, we reviewed our application infrastructure and realized the need to reduce costs while improving information availability,” said Julien Leroy, CIO, at SBE. “Working together with SQL Technologies, a Douai-based IT System Integrator, we chose Nexaweb’s Enterprise Web 2.0 Platform because it allows us to quickly deliver personalized, desktop-quality applications complete with real-time data over the Web to users around the world.”

Maintenance costs, change management, and Java compatibility were major considerations in SBE’s planning and technology selection process. Nexaweb’s Enterprise Web 2.0 Platform and Eclipse-based Studio technologies complement SBE’s existing technology infrastructure, internal development skill-sets and enable an integrated and streamlined user interface (UI) design and code-generation process. This greatly reduces the need for new training and is allowing SBE’s application developers to rapidly develop and test new UI screens and application functionality. And, because Nexaweb integrates with SBE’s existing Hibernate, JBoss Server and Oracle Forms Database, there is no need to introduce additional servers to the application stack.
“Our developers’ familiarity with Java allowed them to quickly build and customize applications based on user preference using Nexaweb’s Eclipse-based Studio IDE,” said Alexandre Cuvillier, Lead Developer, at SBE. “Nexaweb’s compatibility with Java not only enabled plug-in integration with our existing infrastructure, but provided us with the opportunity to leverage the global Java community for plug-ins, scripts, and API’s for charting, data manipulation, and document generation.”
“The Nexaweb Platform enables developers, even those with minimal Java training, to build complex applications quickly,” said Benjamin Prevot, Lead Architect, at SQL Technologies. “Moreover, SBE developers were able to use API’s to quickly connect with existing databases and add reporting functionality.”
“For manufacturing and service providers like SBE, access to real-time data is a critical factor in their ability to maintain high service levels and process requests efficiently,” said Chris Heidelberg, CEO at Nexaweb.  “Like all enterprises, however, managing growth and costs is also important.  By using our Enterprise Web 2.0 Platform, SBE was able to deliver ‘desktop-quality’ applications to hundreds of retail locations, partners, and satellite offices around the world while at the same time reducing maintenance, implementation and development costs.”
Nexaweb’s Enterprise Web 2.0
Nexaweb Enterprise Web 2.0 solution is a comprehensive application development and deployment framework for building RIA, composite, and ‘mashup’ applications.  With Nexaweb, enterprise development teams can quickly and easily design, QA, deploy, and maintain Ajax and Java UI applications that deliver legacy, service-oriented, and third-party data in real-time to end users via the Web.  And because application development is done in a unified declarative XML development environment (Eclipse-based IDE), it doesn’t require re-writing code.  Only Nexaweb’s Enterprise Web 2.0 framework is backed by an established methodology and reference architecture proven by more than 5,000 successful global deployments. 

About Nexaweb
Nexaweb’s Enterprise Web 2.0 solutions enable enterprises to rapidly deploy Richer, Thinner, Faster applications over the Web. With Nexaweb, building Ajax and Java UI applications that access legacy and service-oriented data systems is simple and doesn’t require re-writing code. And only Nexaweb’s EW2.0 solution is proven by more than 5,000 successful global deployments.  Founded in February 2000 and rooted in the MIT community, Nexaweb is based in Burlington, Massachusetts. The company is privately held and funded by institutional investors. For more information, visit www.nexaweb.com or call (781) 345-5500.


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