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MapQuest Introduces An ActionScript API

Advanced Offering Provides Developers Additional Choice and Control within Advantage API

May 30, 2007; 03:32 AM
MapQuest today announced the beta launch of a new API for Adobe® ActionScript. The latest API option within MapQuests Advantage API, allows developers to use a robust toolset with the added benefits of ActionScript 3.0.

Developers can now build rich applications with Adobe® Flex or Adobe Flash® software using a true, native API for ActionScript for superior developer productivity without runtime abstraction layers that can slow application performance.

Whether applications require compelling, complex animations and graphics or quickly rendered multitudes of custom points, lines and shapes to display points of interest (POIs), routes or physical boundaries, MapQuests API for ActionScript allows developers to tap into the deep capabilities of the MapQuest® platform.

Because Adobes Flash Player reaches over 97% of the worlds Internet-enabled desktops1, developers can spend less time focusing on cross-browser support and more time building compelling applications that bring business value.

As an industry leading provider of geospatial web services, MapQuest has created a foundation for developers to bring a rich multi-media experience to end-users. Future enhancements will open up the possibilities even further, ultimately allowing developers to customize location-based applications that offer significant end-user control, said Christian Dwyer, Vice President of Business Solutions and Operations for MapQuest. Created to offer more choice, the new ActionScript API offers the possibility of enhanced interactivity, lower development costs and faster time to market while providing all the same great mapping, routing, geocoding and search feature sets that customers rely on from MapQuest.

Customers are finding that the MapQuest API for ActionScript opens up the realm of possibilities for the creation of a rich multi-media experience. The API developed by MapQuest for ActionScript opens up new avenues for the Web 2.0 developer ecosystem, especially those who use Flash, Flex and Apollo to build rich Internet applications (RIAs) in the browser or right on the desktop, said Jeff Whatcott, Vice President of Product Marketing, Enterprise and Developer Business Unit at Adobe. Now, RIA developers can quickly and easily integrate MapQuests mapping services into their Web 2.0 mash-up applications, enabling them to go beyond simple HTML to create more engaging, data-rich and interactive mapping applications.

Apollo is the code name for Adobes cross operating system application runtime that brings RIAs to the desktop. In addition, AOLs Userplane and other MapQuest Business Solutions customers are beginning to build dynamic applications with the API for ActionScript to enhance their overall customer experience. Current and prospective customers, as well as developers can find out more information, request an evaluation and see a demonstration of an Apollo-based application at http://company.mapquest.com/mqbs/4a.html.

Additional JavaScript Enhancements to MapQuests Advantage API:

MapQuests Advantage API offers the reliability of a robust location-based platform with the flexibility and efficiency of a web service. A recently released and updated version, Advantage API 5.1, offers 16+ million POIs, premium listings that can be licensed to enrich any application, as well as several key JavaScript enhancements to make applications even more compelling and easier to use.

The latest version of Advantage API 5.1 adds the following JavaScript enhancements:

  • Advanced Overlays: Robust capability to create and interact with custom lines and shapes such as polygons, rectangles and ellipses. These overlays can then be used to create custom search areas and allows the user to define the geographic search area right on the map.
  • Icon Declutter: For times when a map view contains map icons overlapping each other, decluttering moves those icons away from each other and allows distribution in a selected style.

To learn more about MapQuest Advantage API 5.1, visit http://company.mapquest.com/mqbs/4.html or request an evaluation at http://company.mapquest.com/jsp/eval.jsp.

About MapQuest

MapQuest offers Internet, wireless and business solutions that help people find places. MapQuest is one of the most recognized and trusted brands on the Internet and is the leading consumer Web site for maps and directions, serving more than 49 million users a month. MapQuest wireless services extend the desktop experience into a variety of mobile devices. MapQuest Business Solutions provides a geospatial platform for location-enabling web and wireless applications for more than 1,400 global brands. MapQuest, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of AOL LLC, is based in Denver, Colorado.

About AOL

AOL® is a global Web services company that operates some of the most popular Web destinations, offers a comprehensive suite of free software and services, runs one of the country's largest Internet access businesses, and provides a full set of advertising solutions. A majority-owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc., AOL LLC is based in Dulles, Virginia. AOL and its subsidiaries also have operations in Europe, Canada and Asia. Learn more at AOL.com.

1Adobe whitepaper, 2006: Flex 2 Technical Overview

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