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Pathfolio introduces innovative Online Product Search Engine

May 29, 2007; 04:03 AM
Pathfolio has today introduced an innovative online product search engine, where consumers and businesses can experience a significant improvement in discount shopping experience and online price comparisons.

Utilizing Web services, which are a set of standardized Internet-based Application Program Interfaces (APIs), Pathfolio utilizes core features and sets of functionality in order to create a unique user experience making available a rich database of millions of products, search features, sorting features, and individual product record look up.

Pathfolio’s innovative product search engine is based on web services that provide a simplified mechanism to connect applications regardless of the technology or devices they use, or their location. They are based on industry standard protocols with universal vendor support that can leverage the internet for low cost communications, as well as other transport mechanisms. The loosely coupled messaging approach supports multiple connectivity and information sharing scenarios via services that are self describing and can be automatically discovered.

Combining the latest in technology utilizing XHTML, RSS2.0, CSS, WSDL, SOAP and AJAX elements in addition to Web Services, users are able to see rapid and useful product search results filtered with their choice of price, merchant, manufacturer, currency, SKU or keyword relevance.

Pathfolio also provides free and fresh information on a variety of relevant topics by integrating live RSS feeds and thus makes available large amounts of contextual content in an easily accessible mode. Key and relevant information is dynamically indexed to deliver instantaneous search results, thereby enhancing user experience at the site.

Pathfolio also provides a comprehensive one-stop destination where users can benefit from spotting the very best in deals, offers, promotions, coupons, rebates, sale, discounts, live ebay auction deals, e-products and e-books.

To experience the innovation and for more information on Pathfolio, visit http://www.pathfolio.net and http://www.pathfolio.com



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