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Stampede Technologies Releases Client Software for Windows Mobile and Linux Users

May 23, 2007; 06:25 AM
Stampede® Technologies, Inc. (www.stampede.com), a leading provider of acceleration solutions for Web-enabled Enterprise Applications today announced the release of new client software that accelerates enterprise users with Windows Mobile® and Linux devices. The release of this new client software strengthens Stampedes vision of accelerating all enterprise applications for all users. A first in the industry, this acceleration technology complements Stampedes innovative client technology for Win32 Desktops and Laptops that has been deployed on tens of thousands of desktops worldwide. This new capability is now available as a standard feature with the Stampede Application Acceleration Series Release 2 solutions.

The Stampede Application Acceleration Series is a two-sided hardware/software acceleration solution for maximizing performance and bandwidth utilization of Web-based enterprise applications. The Stampede Application Acceleration Series employs performance-enhancing technologies such as TurboStreaming (for accelerating compressed or encrypted objects), SSL Client-side Termination (for accelerating SSL transactions), Intelligent Cache Differencing, Image Transformation, Connection Management and Load Balancing, providing significant performance enhancement. These optimization technologies support traditional HTTP/HTTPS, legacy TCP and the emerging Web 2.0/AJAX application environments. In addition, Stampedes Acceleration On-Demand client technology is the only client technology to be automatically injected into the responses sent to the end user, without the need to install software at the client.

As more and more road warriors are gaining access to email and enterprise applications from phones and PDAs, they are facing the same issues, and, in many instances, worse issues than traditional remote users. Mobile phone users are now downloading large email attachments, surfing the web, and utilizing company portals for applications such as Customer Resource Management (CRM) and support functions. All of this data, coupled with relatively slow connections, and high latency environments, causes great pain for these users. Stampedes Mobile Client Software mitigates these issues, improving the performance for the user and reducing bandwidth utilization for all HTTP and TCP applications. Any mobile device running Microsoft Mobile 5 (Mobile 6 when available) can install the software to work in conjunction with Stampedes acceleration appliances. When fully enabled, this client software provides all the benefits of two-way acceleration typically only found with Stampedes Win32 based clients. These features include Advancing Virtual Pipelining for browser access, TurboStreaming for fast and efficient delivery of already compressed data, JPG smoothing for more efficient delivery of JPG images, as well as bi-directional compression, optimized communications for HTTP traffic, server side caching and content validation.

The new Linux desktop support provides the same optimization options for those enterprise users that may not be utilizing a Microsoft Windows based device. While the desktop may still be dominated by Microsoft Windows based clients, the use of alternate platforms such as Linux is growing throughout the enterprise. These users face the same application performance and bandwidth saturation issues as the traditional user. Stampedes Linux Client accelerates all browser based applications through Stampedes full bi-directional acceleration model.

With the release of these two new versions of our client software, Stampede is solidifying our industry leading position with regards to two-sided acceleration and client technology, said Gordon Dorworth, Stampede Technologies President and CEO. We have always advocated the hardware-software model for acceleration, and the needs of mobile users with Smart Phones and PDAs shows the importance of this paradigm. It is impossible to accelerate these users, who are invariably in a different location, with traditional hardware based solutions.


Stampedes Windows Mobile and Linux clients will be available June 4, 2007, with pricing starting at $35 per client.

Stampede will be exhibiting at the Interop 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 22-24 at booth #2175.

About Stampede Technologies, Inc.

Stampede Technologies is a pioneering innovator of Internet acceleration systems and enterprise network performance solutions. The new Stampede Application Acceleration Series combines Stampedes decade of experience in accelerating network-intrusive IP-based applications with Stampedes unique Acceleration On-Demand optimization injection technology and the ground-breaking Stampede Web 2.0 Performance Series to dramatically elevate our customers online productivity and enhance how they use the Internet to communicate and interact with their employees, partners and customers. When your enterprise applications are operating at top speed, maximum performance and total business value, its a Stampede! For more information on Stampede Technologies, visit http://www.stampede.com.

Stampede is a registered trademark and Stampede Application Acceleration Series, Acceleration On-Demand, TurboStreaming and Advanced Virtual Pipelining are trademarks of Stampede Technologies, Inc. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.



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