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Easy Uploads from Flickr to Stock Photo Library 123RF

April 26, 2007; 03:32 AM
If you are a Flickr member, you would have every reason to cheer.

Royalty-free stock photo library 123RF is bringing stock photography to another level with the introduction of its Flickr API (Application Programming Interface) integration.

Flickr is an online photo management and sharing community that lets users store, organize, share and create personalized premiums to family and friends.

Flickr members can now upload their personal portfolio for sale at 123RF.com. With this new feature, Flickr members have the opportunity to convert their images into royalty-free stock photos and earn instant cash.

Instead of just having their personal collection stored online, Flickr members now have the opportunity to see their masterpieces used in a commercial capacity. When Flickr users license their images on 123RF.com, customers can purchase the right to use these images on billboards, press advertisements, publications and other marketing campaigns. Currently, Flickr photos can only be used if the owner is credited appropriately under a Creative Commons license.

With this integration, users from the Flickr Community are able enjoy hassle free uploads to 123RF via 123RF's implementation of the Flickr API. The sign in, selection and upload process is user friendly, quick and intuitive - thanks to the use of AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) programming techniques. In addition to that, all keywords and descriptions for the images are instantly imported from Flickr as well, there is absolutely no need to do additional work to get Flickr images to 123RF. Now that is as easy as 1 - sign in; 2 - select and 3 - send for review! Images will be approved within 24 hours for sale on 123RF.com if the image meets all our criteria.

For more information, visit www.123rf.com

About 123RF.com

123RF.com is a royalty-free stock photo library and a targeted subscriber and community-based website that provides an avenue for the creative community. The 123RF.com platform gives photographers, illustrators and designers a chance to showcase their photographs, vector illustrations and design talent, allowing them to promote and sell their creations to a worldwide audience. 123RF.com is wholly-owned and developed by Inmagine Corp LLC. Since its debut in June 2005, 123RF.com today hosts over 800,000 stock photographs and vector illustrations with over 4,000 photographers and illustrators.

About Flickr
Flickr is a registered Trademark of Yahoo! Inc. Use of the Flickr service and Flickr API is subject to the Flickr.com Terms of Use and the Flickr API Terms of Service respectively.



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