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dhtmlxGrid v1.3 Released: New Look, New Functionality, Stable Performance for Web Grids

April 25, 2007; 02:36 AM


Scand LLC - Effective Outsourcing Of Software Development

Minsk, Belarus, April 25, 2007 Scand LLC, the authorized provider of Ajax-enabled web UI components, has released version 1.3 of its editable DHTML data grid, dhtmlxGrid. This version introduces some long-awaited features such as print-friendly mode, integration with HTML form, modern visual appearance and new event system for greater flexibility.


Integration with HTML form – Thanks to this feature, the grid data, changed or added by user on a web page, can be sent to the server side and processed just like other HTML form elements, which makes working with grid much more customary for many developers.


New Stylish Appearance – dhtmlxGrid 1.3 brings enhanced graphical appearance introducing new nice-looking skins. Four predefined skins allow changing grid appearance so it can match modern application design. Each skin can be easily customized.


Spreadsheet functionality user used to - Since this release dhtmlxGrid allows any block of cells to be selected, copied to clipboard and pasted to desktop application (MS Excel, Text Editor etc.). Version 1.3 also provides Undo/Redo functionality on API level.


Enriched data editing - New version extends data editing capabilities providing some new cell types (eXcells) and integration with dhtmlxCombo, Ajax combobox control with autocomplete feature.


dhtmlxGrid is available under GNU GPL (Standard edition) and commercial licenses. More information and live examples are available online at: http://scbr.com/docs/products/dhtmlxGrid/


About Scand LLC

Scand LLC is the software development company based in Belarus. The company provides offshore outsourcing software development services in areas of J2EE, .NET, C++, PHP programming for companies worldwide. Scand LLC offers a set of advanced ready to use Java applets and JavaScript/Ajax components which are available for download on Scand Website (www.scbr.com).



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