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FileMaker FMStudio Now Available for Dreamweaver CS3

April 25, 2007; 09:40 AM
FMWebschool, Inc. announced the Dreamweaver CS3 version of FMStudio. FMStudio is a web server model that enables you to view live FileMaker data in Dreamweaver. FMWebschool was honored to be accepted as part of the Dreamweaver beta team.

Over the last 6 months FMWebschool has been testing and building the perfect web publishing software for FileMaker and Dreamweaver CS3. FMStudio is a FileMaker server model that enables you to drag and drop live data from FileMaker directly into DreamWeaver.

Used by millions of web enthusiast Dreamweaver is the most popular web-editing program available. Now Adobe has added the Spry framework for Ajax and has integrated Photoshop hooks into Dreamweaver CS3. Designers can select any portion of a design in Photoshop and paste it directly into a Dreamweaver page. The new features in Dreamweaver give us the ability to add many new exciting features in FMStudio.

Just like preview mode in FileMaker FMStudio magically lets you see how your completed web pages will look with live FileMaker data. FMStudio combines both FX.php and the new FileMaker API for PHP- putting the power of FileMaker web publishing in everyone’s hands. What makes FMStudio so powerful?

FMStudio enables you to dynamically create forms, dynamic tables, portals, value list and username / password routines.

With FMStudio you can create a powerful FileMaker driven website without typing a single line of PHP! Yes, FMStudio is that powerful.




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