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Community Interaction and Personal Web Presence Service Vohgo.com Launches

April 23, 2007; 02:51 AM
St. Louis based, Vohgo.com announces the official launch of its community interaction and personal web presence service. While similar in concept to the popular MySpace and FaceBook web sites, Vohgo.com delivers an enhanced user interface based upon the increasingly popular Web 2.0 (or AJAX based) development techniques. Fundamental to this user interface is an increased level of personal security not found in other popular community interaction and personal web presence services.

Vohgo.com is offered free of charge to the public, and generates its revenue from sponsor advertising. Several of the more popular features of Vohgo.com are listed below:

Blogging: Unlimited web page development, including a GUI interface for easily formatting and incorporating pictures and graphics. Develop pages yourself, give access to trusted friends, or leave the pages up for public viewing and interaction. Vohgo offers an enhanced blogging feature that allows users to write stories and publish them on a later date.

Picture and Video Gallery: Define albums, comment your pictures or videos, and upload multiple pictures at a time. Vohgo automatically adjusts file size for optimal web display, and provides an easy way for your favorite pictures and videos to be viewed by your Vohgo friends, or made available to the public.

Friends: Unique to Vohgo, you decide who is friend on the internet, and how much access they have to your information.

Message Boards: Post a message on a friend’s main page...let them know about something interesting on the net...or remind them about something you have going on.

Vohgo Chat: Secure, friend to friend chatting from the convenience of your Vohgo main page. Vohgo chat lets you know when your friends are online and provides an easy way to communicate.

Customized Home Page and News Feeds: Pick your news feeds, set your weather location, choose a display theme...Vohgo gives you the flexibility to completely customize your internet “base of operations”, including easy access to google searches.

Fun and Games: Easy access to free-use, browser-based games that you can customize for your Vohgo page. Create a countdown to an upcoming date on your Vohgo page, or add local weather forecasts

Security: With most social networking sites you are able to allow only friends to view your content.. VohGo takes it a step further by also allowing you to require a password for acces to your content.. Also, keeping track of visitors to your Vohgo page is easy. Vohgo has a tool that allows you to see who has accessed your site and block them from future visits.

Vohgo brings together all the elements of a robust Internet start page, with the community interaction features of MySpace, and wraps them in an intuitive, dynamic and richly interactive interface. “We have been careful to listen to our users and design an environment which safely and securely provides Vohgo’ers with a fun and creative internet experience”, says Robert Nolan, Vohgo founder and product developer. Mr. Nolan adds,”We have seen tremendous growth in Vohgo usage this calendar year, and expect that trend to continue throughout 2007. We have several enhancements to the system planned for release throughout the year, and we are constantly responding to Vohgo user feedback.”



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