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Skyway Software Further Simplifies Software Delivery - Announces Version 5.0 of Skyway Visual Workspace

April 23, 2007; 08:59 AM
Skyway Software, the expert in application development and deployment for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), today announced the availability of Skyway Visual Workspace 5.0. Developed to further simplify software delivery for todays leading companies, Skyway Visual Workspace 5.0 adds significant new capabilities that offer users greater value when developing and deploying SOA-based applications. Skyway Visual Workspace 5.0 promises even greater developer productivity and reduces software delivery cycles further through several key new features.

Skyway Software is setting the standard in the SOA platform/model-driven application creation space, said Jason Bloomberg, Senior Analyst with ZapThink. Their clients tell us that Skyway Visual Workspace 5.0 develops service-oriented solutions up to 10 times faster than traditional coding approaches, leading to immediate ROI, greater flexibility, and solutions that are developed right the first time.

Since first engaging with Skyway in 2004, Enporion has enjoyed significant bottom line benefits resulting from our ability to more rapidly develop and deploy our applications, said Jim Garcia, CTO at Enporion. We have experienced developer productivity improvements reaching 10x over traditional coding methods. Skyway Visual Workspace 5.0s feature set, quality and upgradeability are proof-positive that Skyway is raising the SOA bar and, once again, exceeding our expectations.

Skyway Visual Workspace 5.0 includes many new features and accompanying benefits, including:

  • Transactions and enhanced exception-handling provide comprehensive reliability and integrity for applications
  • Integration with Adobe Dreamweaver as an alternative HTML editor
  • Significantly enhanced product documentation
  • Late binding of external data sources capabilities allow changes at any time throughout the development and deployment cycle
  • Chainsaw (log4j) viewer is now fully integrated with Skyway Visual Workspace 5.0
  • New write-protection prevents users from modifying protected parts of an application model
  • Desktop enhancements and improved usability, including a desktop search, managing complexity of design by dependencies views, and touch-graph control enhancements
  • Skyway web UI controls now support AJAX, allowing users to create event-based asynchronous interactions
  • Complex UI control development such as tabs and data grids are made easy with the including of scaffolding templates; users can now add forms, offer light-weight date choices and maintain more control over display conditions

IT does not come into the office every morning with the intention of not satisfying its customers or the business, said Sean Walsh, Skyway president and CEO. It is no secret that the real issue here is todays software delivery methods are simply not working effectively. Skyway is focused directly on making it easier for IT to deliver the highest quality solutions at the lowest total cost. As a result, every enhancement we make to Skyway Visual Workspace will go towards making it easier for IT to develop, deploy and maintain applications that provide their customers with the right solution the first time. Skyway Visual Workspace 5.0 is an example of our commitment towards this goal.

At the center of Skyway Visual Workspace 5.0 is a patented architecture that allows developers to construct quality SOA-based applications and services graphically, through a model driven development and deployment (M3D) approach. Skyway Visual Workspace 5.0 takes modeling applications much further than the traditional model-driven design tools of the past by automating much of an applications business logic. What makes the Skyway Visual Workspace 5.0 unique is its ability to deliver SOA-based applications typically more than five times faster than with traditional coding methods. The benefit from this productivity is a powerful IT value proposition where new business-advancing applications can finally be delivered en masse because the time required developing, deploying and maintaining software is significantly reduced.

According to Gartner Groups Integrated Services Environment MQ, 2006, Skyway Software uses Integrated Service Environment (ISE) techniques to increase developer productivity in designing and deploying J2EE & Web-services-based composite applications.

About Skyway Software

Skyways Platform enables IT organizations a pragmatic approach to developing SOA-based applications significantly faster than ever before and the ability to deploy those applications rapidly and efficiently across highly distributed environments. Skyway Builders patented model-driven development and service-assembly tool allows developers to visually design and generate applications using a robust visual model that is quickly and easily modified when needed to support the Agile Business. Skyway Director automatically generates application code in real time from Skyway Builder models, along with native integrations to most databases and application servers. For more information, please see our web site at www.skywaysoftware.com or contact the company at +1 813.288.9355 in North America.



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