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OpenSpan Expands Support for the New Enterprise Desktop with Launch of OpenSpan Platform v3.0

April 23, 2007; 06:57 AM
OpenSpan, Inc., the enabler of the New Enterprise Desktop, today announced the OpenSpan Platform v3.0, the industrys only enterprise solution for application integration and automation on the desktop. With support for .NET 2.0 and Microsoft Customer Care Framework (CCF) 2.6, OpenSpan Platform v3.0 enables enterprise organizations in any industry to increase the power of their employee desktops by integrating applications, automating manual processes, extending functionality of existing applications, and more quickly and cost-effectively creating customized composite applications.

Afni, Inc., a provider of customer interaction solutions for leading North American companies, has improved call center agent productivity and reduced contact center agent average handling time (AHT) by more than 43 percent with the OpenSpan Platform. With OpenSpan, Afni agents access multiple business applications via a single seamless interface, workflow is more intuitive, agent training and call times have been reduced while call volume has increased.

By integrating and automating processes from older legacy applications as well as our customers applications, OpenSpan has helped us eliminate manual errors, simplify desktop workflows and improve service quality, said Mike Garner, vice president of call center services at Afni. The OpenSpan Platform enables us to bring the business logic of our legacy applications to the desktop, empower our agents with automated tasks that save time and help improve overall customer service ratings. OpenSpan Platform v3.0 will enable us to continue our application integration and process automation projects on more desktops across our enterprise.

Afni determined that the OpenSpan Platform reduced handling times by an average of 53 seconds per call for experienced agents and more than 300 seconds per call for new agents. The company also experienced a 20 percent reduction in training requirements and a 15 percent reduction in transfers, as new agents are now better equipped to resolve customer issues. In addition, Afni can now achieve 100 percent compliance with customer mandates and industry regulations by automatically building in new functionality across the user interface (UI).

The OpenSpan Platform extends the functionality of existing legacy applications and enables users to build new composite applications that provide a single dashboard interface that spans the entire enterprise, said Francis Carden, CEO of OpenSpan. By adding .NET 2.0 support, along with support for a number of new native adapters, translators and connectors, OpenSpan Platform v3.0 enables organizations like Afni to quickly integrate and automate legacy desktops, Microsoft Office® applications and virtually any desktop or server-side application, including Web services. By seamlessly integrating and automating enterprise applications, OpenSpan is empowering the new enterprise desktop and enabling employees to more quickly and efficiently conduct daily tasks.

New Features of OpenSpan Platform v3.0

The OpenSpan Platform is the industrys only software platform that transcends traditional server and user interface integration technologies by leveraging the interactions between applications and the underlying operating system. OpenSpan Platform v3.0 features support for todays leading enterprise technologies:

  • Core Platform SupportOpenSpan Platform v3.0 now supports .NET 2.0 and Microsoft CCF 2.6, enabling organizations to more quickly and easily integrate applications based on these architectures.
  • Native Adaptor SupportWith support for a number of new native adaptors, such as WIN32, ActiveX, Lotus Notes and DHTML/AJAX to name a few, OpenSpan Platform v3.0 can now be more seamlessly integrated into any enterprise environment.
  • Translator SupportOpenSpan Platform v3.0 now supports translators for Microsoft Office, RogueWave ObjectGrid 7.01 and WinWidget for more efficient communication between enterprise applications.
  • Connector SupportFeaturing support for a number of new connectors, including Web services, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle database, DB2 and Citrix, OpenSpan Platform v3.0 can now integrate and pull data from todays leading enterprise databases, as well as Web services.


OpenSpan Platform v3.0 will be available in April 2007.

About OpenSpan, Inc.

OpenSpan is a venture-backed software organization focused on enabling the New Enterprise Desktop. Enterprise customers such as Alltel Wireless, Afni, Charter Communications, JC Penney and State Farm leverage the OpenSpan Platform to integrate applications, automate business processes, extend functionality and build new composite applications in order to realize immediate value on their IT investments. Recognizing the unique approach to the difficult challenges associated with application integration, Gartner awarded OpenSpan with a 2006 Cool Vendor Award. OpenSpan is headquartered in Alpharetta, GA. More information about OpenSpan is located online at www.openspan.com.



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