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Dietrich Kappe Contributes to New AJAX Reference

April 16, 2007; 03:47 AM
Pathfinder Associates LLC's CTO added author to his list of professional credentials recently. Dietrich Kappe is a major contributor to Sys-Con Books' latest technical reference: Real World AJAX: Secrets of the Masters.

AJAX, an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is a development technique for creating interactive web applications. AJAX makes web pages feel more responsive by exchanging data with the server, behind the scenes so the entire web page does not have to be reloaded every time the user requests a change. This increases the page's interactivity, speed and usability.

Kappe led Pathfinder Associates to invest in AJAX and other Rich Internet Application (RIA) technologies as they began to mature several years ago.

"You see these technologies every time you perform a Google search and see the matches display," Kappe explained, "They open the door to a whole host of real-time web applications like word processors, magnificent search options and help eliminate many of those time wasting page refreshes you see on-line when the user adds a bit of information."

Kappe contributed a chapter on tuning AJAX applications. "Performance is critical to the success of any web application," he said, "AJAX applications have a very different behavior than the typical web application- these technologies bring their own set of performance issues." Kappe is a member of the Ajaxians and writes Pathfinder's Agile AJAX Blog.

About Pathfinder
Pathfinder Associates builds software products for enterprises and software vendors. Pathfinder's approach integrates user experience design with agile development to improve software quality and accelerate development. This approach helps Pathfinder's clients speed intuitive and reliable software to market. Pathfinder with development centers in Chicago, New York, India and the Philippines. For more information, call 312-372-1058, or visit http://www.pathf.com.




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