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Aberdeen Group & Nexaweb to Host eConference on how SOA Standards and Composite Applications can Accelerate Business Change

Nexaweb Enterprise Web 2.0 Platform and service expertise align with Aberdeen’s “Business Value Findings” and “Recommendations for Action” for successful composite application development and deployment

April 13, 2007; 12:13 AM


Burlington, MA, April 11, 2007,Nexaweb® Technologies, Inc., provider of the leading standards-based platform for building and deploying Enterprise Web 2.0 (EW2.0) applications, today announced that a new, independent research report by Aberdeen Group examines how organizations can accelerate business change and “future proof” IT investment by taking a standardized approach to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and composite application development.  Aberdeen and Nexaweb will review this report, offer recommendations, and discuss solutions during a live eConference on Thursday, April 26th at 3 p.m. EDT / 12 p.m. PDT.
The report titled, “The Composite Application Benchmark Report” (Aberdeen Group – December 2006), identifies the issues, obstacles and critical success factors for successful composite application implementation.  Through its research, Aberdeen concluded that composite applications can be built and implemented with Web services and SOA standards even if an organization has yet to develop an SOA.  This enables IT departments to deliver more value to the business while overcoming integration pains with various technology platforms, applications and legacy systems.    
Following are Aberdeen’s key business value findings from the report:
  • Best in Class firms realize the inadequacy of their present development tools and

are actively investing in new composite development technology.

  • An IT organization that wants to accelerate the delivery of more composite applications must invest in more targeted training or use outside IT services.
  • Companies looking to build more composite applications should look first to the
Web.  Browser-based and portal applications are the most common first deliverables.
“With an average of 15 million lines of code per enterprise application and
programmer-productivity at 10 lines per day, we estimate that the average Global 1000 enterprise has produced 1.5 billion lines of code over the past 30 years at a 2006 replacement cost of $75 billion,” said Peter S. Kastner, vice president and research director, information technology at Aberdeen Group.  “In order to protect IT assets and avoid unrealistic upgrade costs, companies must make long-term investments in technology and people skills in five areas, including Web browser information delivery, business process modeling, legacy application modernization, data migration and information as a service, and SOA middleware.  Nexaweb, with its focus on migrating enterprise applications to the Web, is one company looking to address all these areas.”


The report goes on to outline the following recommendations for all organizations interested in developing and delivering composite applications:

  • Proper planning is a critical first step – While modest composite applications can be built in skunk works projects, serious composites involving legacy applications and databases require careful consideration.
  • Start small and grow with experience and confidence – There are considerable integration challenges across multiple projects.

·        Invest in targeted training – Plan training around composite infrastructure layers, such as user interface, message transport, and legacy application wrapping, so specialists can ramp up experience and deliver quick return on value.

·        Bring in professional service partners to assist – One lesson learned from survey respondents: “Climbing the composite application technology mountain without an IT services guide is risky if not foolhardy,” a medical products executive says.

·        Invest in the development tools needed for the long term – The design, software development, testing, quality assurance, and deployment technology and methods that worked with earlier application development methodologies are not optimized for building composite applications.


“Nexaweb’s Starter Kit is an option organization’s who are looking to adopt Ajax and Enterprise Web 2.0 technology, but who want to do so incrementally and inexpensively, should consider,” continued Kastner. “Interest in Ajax and Enterprise Web 2.0 technology among medium and large enterprises has increased dramatically in the last 6 months, and solutions such as Nexaweb’s Starter Kit and Application Workshop offer the right mix of technology, services, and support for organizations who want to jumpstart their Ajax and composite application development projects.”


“Today’s organizations realize that they must embrace Web 2.0 technologies as they modernize and deploy enterprise applications, but many are confused as to how to start the process,” said David McFarlane, COO at Nexaweb. “This confusion is precisely the demand that has led us to create the Nexaweb Starter Kit and Application Workshop solutions. On average, Nexaweb customers are realizing savings of 50% in development time and associated costs.  They are able to re-use upwards of 60% of their existing code and business logic. And they are finding maintenance costs down almost 90% in comparison to traditional development methods.”

eConference: Aberdeen Group & Nexaweb: Composite Applications & SOA
Learn how Enterprise Web 2.0 technology can help you begin deploying composite applications that leverage your legacy application infrastructure and SOA. Join Peter Kastner, Vice President and Research Director, Information Technology at Aberdeen Group, and David McFarlane, COO of Nexaweb, on Thursday, April 26, 2007, at 3:00 p.m. EDT / 12:00 p.m. PDT to get Aberdeen Group’s recommendations for building composite applications and learn how Nexaweb can get you started.
To register for the free eConference and to obtain additional details, please visit: https://nexaweb.webex.com/nexaweb/onstage/g.php?d=358290354&t=a
About Nexaweb

Nexaweb’s Enterprise Web 2.0 solutions enable enterprises to rapidly deploy Richer, Thinner, Faster applications over the Web.  With Nexaweb, building Ajax and Java UI applications that access legacy and service-oriented data systems is simple and doesn’t require re-writing code.  And only Nexaweb’s EW2.0 solution is proven by more than 5,000 successful global deployments.  Founded in February 2000 and rooted in the MIT community, Nexaweb is based in Burlington, Massachusetts. The company is privately held and funded by institutional investors.  For more information, visit www.nexaweb.com or call (781) 345-5500. 


Please contact Jena Murphy at [email protected] 617-374-4216



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