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Hyfinity Releases MVC 2.7 and Delivers Ajax + SOA without Code

April 12, 2007; 06:56 AM
Hyfinity, an innovative SOA technology company,  announced the release of version 2.7 of their acclaimed MVC -- Rapid RIA Builder platform, for declarative and document-centric, Rich Internet Application composition for Enterprise Web 2.0 and SOA environments.

Key New Features within MVC -- Rapid RIA Builder v2.7 are:

 1. Visual Ajax without Code

The most significant new feature within MVC v2.7 is the ability to assemble web pages that consist of multiple partial page sections without the need to write any script or java code. The product release enables complex Ajax based Rich Internet Applications to be created in minutes or hours rather than days.

MVC's familiar and trusted visual 'drag and drop' studio enables the selection and composition of multiple xml and soap web services to support the creation of asynchronous Ajax based pages without any coding. The 'specify and deploy' approach of Hyfinity's MVC -- Rapid RIA Builder technology enables unparalleled productivity for Enterprise SOA based web application development.

As well as the asynchronous partial page refresh capability, the web developer has use of the full set of rich UI controls offered with the Dojo Toolkit. This enables visually appealing styles to be added in a graceful manner on top of the standard XHTML pages automatically rendered by the RIA platform.

2. Full XML Tracking

Capitalising on Hyfinity's unique underlying architecture a real-time Dashboard is a new feature within MVC v2.7 that enables the viewing of all the xml message flows throughout the assembled application. This enables the inspection of XML and Soap Web Service requests and responses, the service composition and orchestration rules processing and the rendering and capture of web page content. All application activities are automatically logged enabling simple inspection of the business rules and processing.

"Combining the new, powerful, and innovative features of MVC v2.7 with Hyfinity's well established declarative and document centric development platform, the offering presents a compelling value proposition," says Ronald Schmelzer, senior analyst, ZapThink, LLC. "Positioned where the market is heading with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Rich Internet Applications (RIA), and the Enterprise Mashup markets converging, the solution provides a platform that can rapidly consume services and compose Rich Web based Composite Applications services in a declarative manner, leveraging true value from Service-Oriented Architectures."

Hyfinity = Rapid RIA + SOA:

"MVC provides a fundamentally more productive development approach compared to traditional 3GL code centric development methods. We've seen numerous examples of our technology delivering at least 60% savings in project time and cost compared to these traditional approaches" says Nigel Denham of Hyfinity. "MVC v2.7 moves the level of development productivity that can be achieved to even higher levels. It directly addresses demand from Enterprise Architects and Development Managers who are being challenged to reduce the time, cost and complexity associated with developing Rich Internet Applications from SOA Services

About Hyfinity:
Hyfinity is a privately owned profitable software company founded in 2001. Hyfinity's mission is to simplify the development of Enterprise Web 2.0 and SOA applications by automating mundane developments tasks and reusing readily available XML information models in a declarative codeless manner.

Hyfinity has customers worldwide and is known for its innovation in rapid development tools for building Rich Internet Applications for Service-Oriented Architectures. We work with our customers and partners to ensure solutions are designed and developed rapidly without compromising quality and scalability.

Hyfinity has global enterprise customers, resellers and OEM partners delivering mission-critical solutions including:
Dynamic data driven Self-Service Web Applications and eForms

    *    Feature rich, Ajax based high transaction e-Commerce & Internal solutions
    *    Contact Centres - CRM integration with existing Line of Business systems
    *    Service-oriented Web Application development for COTS Package Developers




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