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Unicast Launches Next Generation Ad Platform for Web 2.0

New FUSE 2.0 Release Offers Enhanced Ad Creation and Creative Campaign Management System for Rich Media Marketing

April 12, 2007; 02:11 AM
Unicast by Viewpoint, a leading Internet marketing technology company, announced the release of FUSE 2.0, the latest version of its content delivery technology which powers the Unicast ad platform. FUSE 2.0 will enable publishers and agencies to actively manage their campaigns, access real-time reporting, and maintain efficiencies through self-service control on a secure, flexible platform, capable of supporting standard and custom rich media ad formats.

FUSE 2.0 combines the ability to build cutting-edge, engaging ad formats using the latest features of Flash, Video, and 3D media. The new platform combines the flexibility to innovate while carefully catering to user requirements for an intuitive and efficient workflow.

FUSE 2.0 features include:

  • Streamlined, user driven design powered by the Ajax technology suite.
  • Self-service system that provides publisher and agency users complete control over ad creation and trafficking workflows.
  • Reporting that includes metrics for video playback, panel performance analytics, and user engagement indexing across formats, campaigns, and industry verticals.
  • IAB-compliant tracking methodologies that are audited to ensure counting variances generally remain below 3-5%.
  • Platform flexibility that supports standard ad solutions, such as expandable, pre-roll, over the page, and transitional formats, as well as custom, innovative formats like the Unicast VideoWall and 3D Cube formats.
  • Script and iframe ad tag generation that can be trafficked in all major ad management systems.
  • Intelligent Design ad serving that reduces creative versioning and campaign turnaround time by dynamically changing creative characteristics, based on each publisher’s specifications.
  • 24/7 access to an experienced support team including subject matter experts in Video, Flash, and 3D.

“We will continue to innovate around our ad creation and delivery tools to make them the best in class for our customers,” said Patrick Vogt, CEO of Viewpoint. “FUSE 2.0 was designed specifically to meet the growing demands of publishers and agencies in this constantly evolving market, and we’ve included the features that customers specifically requested. The rich media ad creation and campaign management tools and workflows that have been developed integrate seamlessly into our ad solutions platform and offer optimum levels of creativity and flexibility.”

With FUSE 2.0's additional reporting capabilities and the User Engagement Index (UEI), marketers can expect an exceptional level of campaign performance insight and reporting that is unique in the industry. 


Viewpoint is a leading Internet marketing technology company, offering Internet marketing and online advertising solutions through the powerful combination of its proprietary visualization technology and a full range of campaign management services including TheStudio, Viewpoint’s creative services group, Unicast, Viewpoint’s online advertising group, and KeySearch, Viewpoint’s search engine marketing consulting practice. Viewpoint's technology and services are behind the online presence of some of the world's most esteemed brands, including AOL, GE, Sony, and Toyota. More information on Viewpoint can be found at www.viewpoint.com.

The company has approximately 90 employees principally at its headquarters in New York City and in Los Angeles.



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