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Ideo Technologies Simplifies Web 2.0 GUI Developments with SweetDEV Studio

March 30, 2007; 02:31 AM
Ideo Technologies, a leading provider of Java Web application development tools, released the new version of the Eclipse plugin SweetDEV Studio, which has been completed with the Ajax components of the SweetDEV RIA library.

SweetDEV Studio is the only Integrated Development Environement (IDE) based on the Eclipse platform, which analyses the relationships between the Web applications layers.

Ideo Technologies proposed a new version of SweetDEV Studio, which integrates SweetDEV RIA, the Open source Ajax components library.

SweetDEV RIA brings a set of advanced tags which facilitates and accelerates the work of the development teams to build Web 2.0 like GUI. It permits them to implement directly in their JSP pages the following widgets:

    * Datagrid
    * Multi-sorting combo
    * Window
    * “Click to open” function
    * Expand/collapse function
    * Excel export
    * Treeview
    * Tabsheets
    * Calendar…

SweetDEV Studio makes the difference on several points compared with the competing products. The customers especially appreciate the efficient and easy to use JSP editing environment, which provides an easy implementation of the pages by a simple drag and drop, with an automatic synchronization of the source code.

The debugging of the JSP/Struts applications from the JSP has been successful as well, with the functions of step-in, step-out and step-over, which allow a progressive bugs correction.

The users increase their productivity with the BEA Workshop AppXray technology, by building and keeping update in real time a true repository of the relationships between the different components of the application. Consequently, most of the execution errors of the web applications can been detected when the application runs.

SweetDEV Studio and SweetDEV RIA are available for download on our website www.ideotechnologies.com.

“This new SweetDEV Studio version will make the job of the development teams even more confortable”, says Jean-François LUFEAUX, CEO of Ideo Technologies. “By providing Web 2.0 advanced components, developpers will be able to create dynamic thin client applications faster and quicker in a context where projects deadlines are becoming harder”.

About Ideo Technologies S.A.

Based in Puteaux, France, Ideo Technologies is a privately held company, leading provider of software solutions for Web 2.0 J2EE applications. SweetDEV Solutions, Ideo Technologies' flagship suite of products, is designed to accelerate Java Web application development.

SweetDEV Solutions is sold directly by Ideo Technologies or through professional services companies. Ideo Technologies provides software, services and consultancy to Fortune 500 enterprises such as BNP PARIBAS, JC DECAUX, Anyway.com, Axalto etc.



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