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ComponentOne Announces Doc-To-Help 2007 - New Release Focuses on Customer Requests by Improving HTML and Print Outputs

March 26, 2007; 03:37 AM
ComponentOne today announced Doc-To-Help 2007, another installment of the tool's yearly subscription release cycle. This release adds a powerful new search engine for NetHelp that installs effortlessly, a convenient new breadcrumb navigation feature in HTML-based outputs, and a “generate PDF” button in Word manual outputs to effortlessly create PDF files. These features give Doc-To-Help users a higher level of customizability and makes delivering effective Help systems and printed documentation to users easier than ever before.

“It is important that a Help authoring tool delivers features that make it possible for authors to provide their end-users with high quality, custom Help and printed manuals,” said Chris Geiger, managing director of ComponentOne Europe. “For this release, we’ve focused on providing the features our users are asking for most.”

New Features and Enhancements:

JavaScript NetHelp Search Engine: This new search technology provides users with an additional option for NetHelp search. It allows users to provide a search engine without complicated java configuration or installation. Since, JavaScript search only requires a Web browser, NetHelp will be fully functional “out-of-the-box.”
Breadcrumb Navigation: Breadcrumb Navigation is now available in HTML-based outputs, appearing at the top of each topic and showing the navigation patch from the top level topic. Users will always know where they are in a Help file with Breadcrumb Navigation.
PDF Button in Word: Doc-To-Help now installs a “Generate PDF” button in Word so users can customize a printed manual before generating PDF.
About Doc-To-Help
Doc-To-Help is a single-source Help authoring tool that empowers authors to create HTML or Microsoft Office Word content and convert it to virtually every popular Help file format (including browser-based, platform independent Help) or printed documentation.

Pricing and Availability
Doc-To-Help is available in two versions, Doc-To-Help Enterprise and Doc-To-Help for Word with respective pricing of £625 and £470. Competitive upgrades, renewal pricing, telephone support and volume discounts are also available. For more details contact [email protected]

As always, the Doc-To-Help yearly subscription delivers new technologies, features and functionality that enable users to create feature-rich Help systems more efficiently. Current subscribers will receive these new features and enhancements as part of their annual subscription.

Orders may be placed direct with ComponentOne Europe: 0800 328 5271 or +44 (0) 1460 234636;), as well as through ComponentOne’s European network of distributors and dealers.

About ComponentOne
ComponentOne is the premier provider of Help authoring tools for authors who write and design Help systems. The ComponentOne Help authoring tool, Doc-To-Help is used by Help authors worldwide for developing robust and professional Help systems. Doc-To-Help has received numerous industry and user accolades for their tools, including awards from Visual Studio Magazine and Society for Technical Communication..

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