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Nexaweb Announces Enterprise Web 2.0 Starter Kit for Building Mission-Critical Composite and "Mashup" Ajax Applications

March 23, 2007; 04:16 AM
Nexaweb Technologies, Inc., delivering Richer, Thinner, Faster Enterprise Applications over the Web, announced the Nexaweb Starter Kit to provide enterprise and public sector organizations an inexpensive, low-risk development and deployment framework for business-class composite and ‘mashup’ Ajax and Java applications.

“Composite applications are rapidly becoming the development standard of choice in all organizations because they deliver on IT business drivers such as faster implementation, business process transformation agility, and lower integration complexity and risk,” said Peter S. Kastner, vice president and research director, information technology at Aberdeen Group. “Our chief recommendations for all organizations interested in developing and delivering composite applications include proper planning, starting small on a project or departmental basis, and investing in the development tools needed for the long term.”

Available for only $17,500, the Nexaweb Starter Kit includes the complete Nexaweb Platform and Nexaweb Studio, its Eclipse-based Ajax and Java IDE. The Starter Kit includes one 100-seat project server license, three Nexaweb Studio IDE licenses, and a full-day of remote consulting services. An unlimited deployment option is also available using Apache XAP, an open source declarative Ajax rich internet application framework. Customers can quickly and easily scale beyond the Nexaweb Starter Kit as they add applications and users.

“Nexaweb’s Starter Kit is a great option for organizations looking to adopt Ajax and Enterprise Web 2.0 technology but want to do so incrementally and inexpensively,” said Al Vardya, director of alliances at Kanbay, a Capgemini Group Company. “Interest in Ajax and Enterprise Web 2.0 technology within financial services firms has increased dramatically in the last 6 months, and an option like Nexaweb’s Starter Kit is the perfect solution to help these groups jumpstart their Ajax and composite application development projects.”

“The business and user productivity benefits of Ajax and Web 2.0 technology are too strong for enterprise and public sector organizations to overlook any longer,” said David McFarlane, COO at Nexaweb. “Nexaweb’s Starter Kit is the ideal package for IT groups who want to begin development of mission-critical Ajax applications now with an extensible framework that will easily grow to support their entire application infrastructure in the future.”

As part of the Nexaweb Starter Kit, customers receive Nexaweb’s Universal Client Framework, the industry’s first and only zero-install, UI XML rendering engine to offer enterprises the ability to deploy their applications using an Ajax-, Java-, or desktop- client based on specific application profiles and end-user requirements. Nexaweb Ajax and Java clients download automatically (in seconds) to a standard Web browser, and intelligently cache data and program components on-demand, to minimize network overhead and optimize response times. With Nexaweb UCF, organizations can deploy applications in any browser, anytime, over any network using Ajax or Java. Customers can also fully utilize Nexaweb’s Internet Messaging Bus™ and Enterprise Data Services as part of the Starter Kit.

To learn more about Nexaweb’s Starter Kit, contact us at: [email protected] / (781) 345-5500.

About Nexaweb
Nexaweb’s Enterprise Web 2.0 solutions enable enterprises to rapidly deploy Richer, Thinner, Faster applications over the Web. With Nexaweb, building Ajax and Java UI applications that access legacy and service-oriented data systems is simple and doesn’t require re-writing code. And only Nexaweb’s EW2.0 solution is proven by more than 5,000 successful global deployments. Founded in February 2000 and rooted in the MIT community, Nexaweb is based in Burlington, Massachusetts. The company is privately held and funded by institutional investors. For more information, visit www.nexaweb.com or call (781) 345-5500.



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