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Jivaldi Creates a "BUZ" with Web 2.0 Development Expertise

February 27, 2007; 02:57 AM

Jivaldi, a full-service interactive marketing agency (http://www.jivaldi.com/), continues to showcase its Web 2.0 development expertise for clients seeking to deliver innovative online solutions. Most recently, the company helped BUZ Interactive, the leader in voicemail personalization services, develop GETaBUZ.com -- a fun and easy way to create voicemail greetings by mixing voice and music.

"Web 2.0 represents a new generation of Internet-based applications to facilitate online collaboration and sharing among users, as well as adoption of new services," says Jim Ivaldi, principal of Jivaldi. "By leveraging this platform to deliver its revolutionary GETaBUZ service, BUZ Interactive has emerged as an industry leader. At the same time, it demonstrates Jivaldi's diverse expertise for successful high-end web projects."

With GETaBUZ (http://www.getabuz.com/), users can choose from a wide variety of music tracks, record a voice message and then mix the two together to create a "BUZ". Users can either replace their mobile voicemail greeting with their new BUZ, or send it as a message to another mobile phone number -- directly through the existing voicemail system, without the phone ringing.

BUZ Interactive hired Jivaldi to help build the application and Web 2.0 infrastructure for GETaBUZ, which required application development expertise along with knowledge of newer technologies such as AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript & XML). In addition to its development work, Jivaldi is also supporting GETaBUZ with search engine optimization and marketing services.

"Jivaldi was instrumental in preparing GETaBUZ for our beta rollout in January," says Eric Sirkin, PhD, president and co-founder of BUZ Interactive. "They understood our objectives and ramped up quickly to help develop the site. Finding the right talent for a complex Web 2.0 project can be challenging, but Jivaldi delivered exactly what we were looking for in a very timely manner."

Jivaldi continues to diversify its client portfolio with recent projects for Starzec Energy Efficiency Solutions and Western Golf Properties. In addition, Jivaldi is working with Flashlevel, LLC on an upcoming computer game for CBS's CSI: Crime Scene Investigation television show.

About Jivaldi

Jivaldi LLC is a full-service Interactive Marketing Agency that helps clients extend their reach through impactful online and offline solutions. Our integrated marketing services include web, identity and print design, sports marketing, political marketing, search engine optimization, application development, email marketing, and more. The company is strategically located in Northern California, with offices in the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento areas. More information is available at http://www.jivaldi.com/ .

About BUZ Interactive

BUZ Interactive makes it fun and easy to create personalized voicemail greetings and messages by mixing voice with popular music. The company's unique direct-to-voicemail personalization services work with any mobile phone on all major carriers. With headquarters in Palo Alto, CA, BUZ Interactive operates the popular GETaBUZ service at http://www.getabuz.com/. Learn how to get your own BUZ service at http://www.buzinteractive.com/.



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