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New FusionPro 4.1 Now Available From Printable Technologies

February 20, 2007; 02:40 AM

Printable Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of Web to Print workflow and Variable Data Printing (VDP) solutions and Software as a Service (SaaS), today announced the release of the FusionPro™ VDP suite, version 4.1. Available as a free upgrade to current FusionPro 4.0 users, FusionPro 4.1 delivers a variety of new and enhanced features that make the design and composition of variable data documents faster and easier for both technically-savvy and occasional users.

"With FusionPro 4.1, Printable Technologies continues to meet our customers' expectations for advanced, yet easy to use, document composition tools. This release delivers a high-quality and cost effective VDP experience, and it provides great new functionality," said Mark Hilger, Product Manager, Printable Technologies. "New features, such as the drag-and-drop rules editor, strike a great balance between powerful functionality and intuitive user interface design and eliminate the need for JavaScript expertise for common tasks. The end result is a VDP solution that helps our customers deliver sophisticated solutions to meet their clients' requirements quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively."

New and Enhanced Features
FusionPro 4.1 includes improvements and enhancements which make document design faster, easier, and more efficient:

  • New "Drag-and-Drop Rules Editor"
    The new Rules Editor, when combined with Templated Rules, the "Switch Editor," and JavaScript, gives users four options for creating data merge and document composition rules and conditional logic. Targeted to the beginning and intermediate FusionPro user, the new Rules Editor offers a user-friendly interface to create moderately complex IF/THEN logic rules, nested rules, and Boolean AND/OR conditions, without requiring a single line of JavaScript. Because rules created in this fashion can be instantly converted to viewable and editable JavaScript code, the Drag-and-Drop Editor also serves as a JavaScript learning tool.
  • New tab stop design interface
    With the new tab stop designer, users can specify tab stops for variable data text without needing to know JavaScript programming.
  • New undo/redo functionality
    Two new buttons have been added to the FusionPro toolbar to allow users to undo or redo an action. Users are not limited to a single instance of "undo" or "redo," but can apply the feature unlimited times to return to a previous state after several changes.
  • New "suppress background" functionality
    For hybrid offset/digital printing workflows where black text is printed over pre-printed "shells," the "suppress background" feature allows user to compose a document with the static background displayed during the design process. Once the data variables have been placed and the document composed and proofed, the background is suppressed and only the variable text overlay is sent to production.
  • New tooltips in all FusionPro frame dialogues
    Helpful messages - "tooltips" - are now available in all variable frame dialogue boxes to provide information and instructions on demand when a cursor is scrolled over an icon or button.
  • Enhanced native language interfaces
    Users of FusionPro Desktop, FusionPro Designer, and FusionPro Direct now have the choice of a user interface in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.
  • Enhanced frame selector tool
    Enhancements include the ability to double-click on a text frame to open the variable text editor.

About Printable Technologies
Printable Technologies® is a leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) to corporate enterprises and the graphic arts and print industry; including Cross Media Variable Data Printing (VDP), One to One Marketing Campaigns, and Web to Print solutions.

The FusionPro™ Suite of solutions -- a comprehensive suite of desktop, online, and server-based VDP applications -- enables corporate enterprises, commercial and digital print service providers, and ad agencies and direct marketing companies to manage dynamic cross-media campaigns consisting of variable text and images, perform high-speed data merge, and generate production-ready output data streams Solutions from Printable easily integrate with ERP solutions such as Ariba, SAP, and Oracle; content management solutions like Documentum; accounting and shop floor management applications such as Enterprise Print Management Solutions (EPMS), PACE2020, and Quantum; and digital production workflows from Hewlett-Packard, Canon, Xerox, NexPress, and more.

More than 1,700 corporate customers use solutions from Printable Technologies to serve over 400,000 end users; Many of the Fortune 500 companies offer desktop access to Printable Technologies products.

For more information go to www.printable.com



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