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Ajax-enabled Live Help Solution TrioLive Hosted Released

January 22, 2007; 02:28 AM
ActiveCampaign, Inc today announced the immediate availability of TrioLive Hosted version. This product is hosted on ActiveCampaign servers so it does not require a download or an install.

TrioLive is a web based live help solution that offers real-time messaging for sales, support, or internal communication. The hosted version is Ajax enabled allowing it to run without the continual need to refresh. This live chat application includes operator to operator chat, ability to view what visitors are typing, advanced reports that include flash generated graphs, ability to send files, easily accessible chat transcripts, and more.

When used for sales, TrioLive can increase profitability by converting existing site traffic into additional product purchases by actively engaging site visitors. It can be used to monitor visitor traffic and chat trends. In support it provides site visitors with real-time answers as an inexpensive alternative to phone or traditional support methods. Additionally, it can be used in internal communication for collaborating on sales or support chats, operator to operator chats, sending files, and increasing productivity while reducing confusion.

Pricing and Availability

TrioLive Hosted is available exclusively through the ActiveCampaign, Inc. website. A full hosted plan includes unlimited departments with full reporting and is $17.95 per month.

Order: https://www.activecampaign.com/triolive-hosted/admin/index.php?action=hosted_order

About ActiveCampaign, Inc.

ActiveCampaign, Inc offers PHP/MySQL Web based software solutions that are oriented toward the needs of their clients. They offer a powerful suite of software tools with high end service options that allow you to reach your goals faster and with greater reliability. Their client oriented culture is committed to providing stable software that is agile yet powerful. Clients are impressed not only by the quality of their solutions but by the overall value. Their clientele ranges from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses worldwide.



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