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Call Accounting Mate Introduces Support for Asterisk the Open Source PBX

January 19, 2007; 03:06 AM
callaccounting.ws announced today that it has developed integration for the massively popular Asterisk the Open Source PBX into its Call Accounting Mate software. The move is largely in response to the large number of inquiries from developers and integrators of Asterisk.

Call Accounting Mate now offers a tailored set of call logging components exclusively for the Asterisk product family. This new mechanism of interoperability provides seamless and dynamic IP integration for real time data collection and monitoring of call detail records (CDR). callaccounting.ws now offers special Javascript drivers that interpret the dynamic CDR data from Asterisk boxes into a standard format.

Customers can utilize Call Accounting Mate to enhance productivity, traffic analysis, corporate cost allocation, accounting integration, workforce management and customer billing.

For more information about Call Accounting Mate integration with Asterisk,
please visit the website forum: http://www.callaccounting.ws/forum/index.php?board=5.0

About Call Accounting Mate
This low cost, easy to install shareware application has taken the traditional market by storm. Call Accounting Mate is the most inexpensive solution given its robust features. The software boasts a built-in web server, complete browser management and reporting, a task scheduler and an embedded SQL database engine. Users can trial the full feature set of the software for 14 days free of charge.

About callaccounting.ws
callaccounting.ws is an online communications management company specializing in compact web browser call accounting solutions with offices in Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Singapore. callaccounting.ws is the world leader in comprehensive, cost effective call accounting with its flagship product Call Accounting Mate. It has offices regional representation in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore and Malaysia. Our products are distributed by a network of distributors world wide.

Information about callaccounting.ws, its products and the company's support policies can be found on the World Wide Web at www.callaccounting.ws.



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