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Instantiations Growth Sets Stage for 2007

January 18, 2007; 02:45 AM

Instantiations, Inc., a leading provider of advanced software development solutions, today announced notable growth during 2006.  Ranked among the 100 fastest growing private companies in Oregon for 2005, Instantiations is a pioneer in building a profitable business based on the open source software model. 

Involved in the Eclipse open source software movement since 1999, privately-held Instantiations grew its company revenue over 70 percent during 2006.  During the same time, the company also increased its staff by 40 percent.  The company achieved its 2006 growth by focusing on adding high-value, high ROI software development functionality targeted at its primary market, professional software developers in organizations and enterprises that build their own software systems.

"We're passionate about contributing to the success of open source software, especially Eclipse, because it provides the best technology and software platforms for developing enterprise software applications and the tools necessary to create them," said Mike Taylor, Instantiations CEO and Eclipse Foundation board member.  "Our strong growth in 2006 was driven by new strategic products and expansion of our sales activity in Europe.  We also added more enterprise-level companies, like BEA, SAS, JP Morgan, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois and others to our customer list.  In 2007 we will significantly expand our consulting services and continue broadening international distribution of our products."

During 2006, the company added two innovative products for developing rich client applications based on the Java programming language.  RCP
Developer(TM) is the first development tool to leverage the open source Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) for creating Java-based client and standalone desktop applications.  GWT Designer(TM) is the definitive tool for creating Ajax Internet applications using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). Shorthand for asynchronous JavaScript and XML, Ajax is increasingly popular as a way to build rich Web-based applications.  Google endorses using GWT Designer with its GWT.

In addition, the company has two other major product brands, WindowBuilder
Pro(TM) and CodePro AnalytiX(TM).  WindowBuilder Pro is the market-leading product for creating Java graphical user-interfaces (GUIs) and is used worldwide by tens of thousands of Eclipse developers.  CodePro AnalytiX is among the most popular software development tools available for Eclipse.  It automatically helps developers improve software quality, reliability, and maintainability in the applications they develop.

"Currently, U.S. companies are leading the use of open source solutions, like Eclipse, for developing enterprise-level applications," said Taylor.
"However, the use of these tools by enterprises worldwide is ramping up and is expected to grow dramatically in 2007, because IT managers are pressured to find high-value, high-ROI software development tools that help bring business-critical applications to users faster."

About Instantiations
Instantiations, Inc. provides leading-edge software products, services and technologies for Eclipse, Java and Smalltalk.  The company offers high-value, high-ROI professional development environments that focus on improving software quality and developer productivity.  Instantiations is a member of the Eclipse Foundation and offers a line of products for Eclipse, IBM Rational and WebSphere Studio, and MyEclipse.  Based in Portland, Ore., Instantiations was founded in 1997 by a team of internationally recognized pioneers in component software technology.  For more information, visit www.instantiations.com. Or call the company at (800) 808-3737.



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