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Breville Chooses Elastic Path Software Over Hosted Ecommerce to Speed Execution

January 17, 2007; 08:47 AM
Elastic Path Software, the pioneer of flexible ecommerce software, today announced that Breville, the leading retailer in luxury home appliances, has selected Elastic Path's ecommerce platform as the foundation for its ecommerce site. Having an ecommerce website that adapts rapidly and reinforces brand identity is critical for Breville. "We wanted to build a website that reflects our company's commitment to style, innovation and design," said Gerard Bernet-Millán, National Sales Manager, Gourmet Retailers at Breville. Using Elastic Path's technology, Breville developed a premiere ecommerce site that provides the right atmosphere for its target audience while also delivering a versatile platform to meet the needs of its growing business.

"After reviewing alternate platform options, including Yahoo's hosted offering, we determined that Elastic Path provided us the ability to have a hands-on approach for quick execution of marketing campaigns. Its marketing features such as saved customer shopping carts and stored purchase history will help us individualize product recommendations and cater to the unique tastes of each of our customers," said Mr. Bernet-Millán.

Elastic Path's flexibility and low cost come from best practices learned by working with hundreds of online retailers, and by the use of open source components. Its search engine optimization is a particularly strong feature, and strengthens Breville's visibility and search engine rankings. Breville plans to deploy additional services on Elastic Path, including automated product recommendations, best-practices for checkout, merchandising enhancements and advanced reporting capabilities utilizing Crystal Reports.

"Retailers are capitalizing on ecommerce technology to support overall marketing initiatives," said Harry Chemko, CEO of Elastic Path Software. "With the dynamic retail market and increased sophistication of consumers and more specifically online shoppers, it is essential that retailers have the flexibility to conduct targeted campaigns that optimize opportunities to attract and convert customers effectively."

Elastic Path released Elastic Path 5 this fall. This re-engineered platform delivers a powerful promotion rules engine, innovative search engine marketing functionality, faceted in-site search and navigation, and full web services capabilities to online retailers. The platform's flexibility and significantly lower price point, as compared to competitors, help online retailers drive profit -- not just revenue. Elastic Path 5 includes the AJAX-powered Elastic Path OnePage which provides a single-screen checkout process that can dramatically reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion rates.

About Elastic Path

Elastic Path Software pioneered flexible ecommerce software that enables online retailers to attract and convert customers profitably. Elastic Path's fully integrated, ecommerce framework is designed specifically for mid-sized retailers operating within a multi-channel environment. Using innovative search engine optimization (SEO) technology and simplified open source components, Elastic Path's technology empowers its customers to maximize resources and quickly adapt tactics at a comfortable price. Companies such as Makeup.com, Cotswold Collections, Aeroplan, Random House, Electricshopping.com and Xerox use Elastic Path for maximum control over their rapidly evolving online stores. Elastic Path Software is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. For more information visit www.elasticpath.com.

About Breville:

Breville was founded in 1932 in Sydney, Australia and has become a worldwide leader in home appliances. With over 90 patents registered globally, Breville manufactures more than 220 products worldwide. Breville has received worldwide design recognition from the New York Housewares Design Awards to the Australian Engineering Awards, and a recent German GUT number 1 rating. Among its innovations include the world's first scissor action sandwich press, the world's first indoor health grill, the world's first juicer that juices the whole fruit, and the world's first active arm citrus press. In the United States, Breville is sold at specialty and department stores. Additional information about Breville and its awards winning products can be found at www.brevilleusa.com.



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