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Ruby In Steel Developer For Visual Studio 2005 Announced

January 5, 2007; 03:16 AM
SapphireSteel Software today formally announced Ruby In Steel Developer – the only professional Ruby programming environment for Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2005.

Ruby In Steel Developer provides a full suite of editing and debugging tools for Ruby and Ruby On Rails (‘Rails’) developers. Product highlights include:

- Ruby and Rails (RHTML) code coloring
- Ruby and Rails code folding/collapsing
- Smart Indenting and code formatting
- Ruby auto-expand snippets

- Ultra-fast integrated debugger
- Step-Into/Step-Over/Step-Out tracing
- ‘Drill-down’ watch variables
- Interactive ‘run and debug’ console

- Accurate (by class and scope) member completion
- Parameter completion tooltips
- Class and method documentation in tooltips
- Code navigation drop-down combos over the editor

Ruby On Rails
- Import Existing Ruby On Rails Projects
- Rails Toolbar and script-runner dialogs
- RHTML / HTML switchable editor
- One-click Rails Debugger

A complete feature list can be found on the SapphireSteel web site: http://sapphiresteel.com/spip.php?page=feature-list

Pricing and Availability
Ruby In Steel Developer Edition will be available at the end of January from the SapphireSteel web site (http://www.sapphiresteel.com). The software is priced at $249 but, for a limited period, early adopters will be offered a discounted price of $199. This will include free updates, including version 1.2 (the ‘Visual Rails’ edition) and culminating with version 1.5, due for release in the third quarter of 2007.

About Ruby and Ruby On Rails
Ruby is an object oriented, interpreted, programming language. During 2006, it emerged from relative obscurity to become one of the fastest growing languages globally. According to the January 2007 TIOBE index of programming language popularity (http://www.tiobe.com/tpci.htm), Ruby now stands at position 10 (an eleven place rise during the past year alone); Ruby is now above Delphi, COBOL and Ada, and just beneath JavaScript, Python and C#.

Ruby On Rails (‘Rails’) is a web application framework for Ruby. It enables developers to create interactive, data-driven, applications such as Blogs, Wikis and eCommerce sites. Ruby On Rails won the Jolt Award for the best Web Development Tool of 2006.

About SapphireSteel Software
SapphireSteel Software specialises in Ruby development tools for Microsoft Visual Studio. Founded in 2006, SapphireSteel Software is a division of Rosedown Mill Ltd., a UK-based software development and consultancy company founded in 1994.



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