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Zurich-based Stock Photo Agency Announces the Launch of Sodapix.com

January 4, 2007; 08:28 AM
The new Swiss Stock Photo Agency for royalty 'free' (RF) and rights managed (RM) photography is now online. Sodapix.com offers a broad spectrum of images, especially to creative photography buyers and enables many new functions thanks to Web 2.0.
With that in mind, Sodapix introduces the brand “SodaStyle”: Images that are simply “more”, whether lifestyle shots, challenging compositions or lomography. However, classical stock photographs are also part of the inventory of the more than 50,000 images encompassing the sodapix.com database. And it is growing at a weekly rate of about 1000 photos.

Both the visual language as well as the functionality of the Buyers’ Portal is exceptional. Web 2.0 was consistently employed through the use of Ajax programming, which increases the speed and efficiency of the image retrieval process. Therefore light boxes and shopping carts are filled without the images reloading on the page. Image licensing happens instantly online, regardless whether the images are RF or RM.

The fees for royalty free images start as low as $50. Fees for RM images are in accordance with prices suggested by stock photo associations. This renders Sodapix economical but not “cheap”. Photographs are subject to a strict quality control, and only superior photographers are accepted.

Also the rights to all image data offered have already been obtained, and each image indicates whether model releases exist and/or the image is restricted to editorial use only. This saves image buyers a lot of headaches.

Sodapix was founded in 2005 as a publicly traded corporation. Sodapix is a typical stock photo agency that does the exceptional: Typical is that we are the middleman between photographer and photo buyer. Exceptional is our holistic approach which enables shoppers to organize the entire purchase, including licensing, online. Exceptional is that our search engine is far more precise than what you are used to from other agencies. Exceptional is our visual language as well as our Photographers’ Portal.



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