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FormLogix.com Provides AJAX-Based Web Forms Platform

January 3, 2007; 03:59 AM

FormLogix.com provides a complete solution for managing data over the web, starting with a forms designer and followed by a strong data analysis tools.
Formlogix platform is so easy to use and our users do not requires to be technical or with a programming skills. Once a form is created you will be able to publish it to your own web site or make it secured.

Our form designer is unique, AJAX based tool for creating any type of data driven form.  Our tool was built based on massive experience in field of IT field and it’s give a non developers users the option to build a sophisticated web forms and web based applications.

Our form designer is a WYSWYG designer, creating a form is a simple task of drag and drop your form and graphic elements into a canvas, simple as that. You will also be able to create a form based on a template gallery and that will shorten your task to a minimum time.

We also provide a strong data analysis tools for managing the collected throughout the forms data, you will be able to create and store filters, link your data, share your data, export it, and much more.

FormLogix.com is the most advanced web forms platform and it is a free forms platform.

benny tsabba,amy weinberg



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