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Solution Vault Announces Offshore Software Development with Local Project Management for California Companies

December 21, 2006; 05:25 AM

Solution Vault and SecureNext Softwares Ltd., of Chennai, India announced the establishment of a new company based in the United States to cater to those clients who want the benefits of offshore software development but yet want to work with somebody locally. With headquarters in Clovis California, Solution Vault offers Southern California and Bay Area companies incredible value by providing proven offshore software development expertise with local project management, in a very cost-effective package.

"Many companies want the benefits of outsourcing their IT projects to India but yet want to work with somebody locally," says Todd Sobrado, President of Solution Vault USA. "By working out of Clovis California, we are able to be within driving distance of the Southern California and Northern California-based companies we are targeting. We offer our clients proven offshore programming expertise with local project management, at a price that many of our large city competitors are going to have difficulty matching."

Parent company SecureNext Softwares Ltd is committing all of its resources to Solution Vault customers. "When you are working with Solution Vault, you are working with SecureNext," says Saravana Kumar, Chief Executive Officer of SecureNext Softwares Ltd. "The team at SecureNext is Solution Vault.

The team at Solution Vault has been working together since 2000 and has successfully completed over 500 projects, 90 in the past year alone. With clients of all sizes in the United States, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East, Solution Vault has developed and tested its own software development methodology for use on projects of all sizes. Using a combination of agile and waterfall development principles, Solution Vault has a history of delivering projects on time and on budget, guaranteed.

Social networking and web 2.0 technologies such as AJAX, Atlas, and Ruby on Rails are all the rage these days. The team at Solution Vault has completed several large-scale social networking and web 2.0 projects over the past 2 years. "We consider ourselves to be very knowledgeable in the area of Web 2.0 applications and technologies," says Saravana Kumar, CEO of SecureNext Softwares Ltd. "This is not something we are making up. This is what our clients are telling us."

The offshore software development team of Solution Vault is housed in a 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art building in one of Chennai's leading technology parks. Solution Vault is connected to the Internet through a dedicated 1 mbps T-1 line and 200 workstations. Neighbors of the Solution Vault development campus include the Indian operations of top MNC and fortune 500 companies.

About Solution Vault USA
Solution Vault was launched in Clovis California in 2006 as a fully owned subsidiary of SecureNext Softwares, Ltd. For more information, visit http://www.solutionvault.com



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