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Seamless Development, Inc. Launches Pre-packaged Network for Small Business

December 15, 2006; 06:26 AM

Seamless Development of Cherry Hill, NJ announces its new networking product for small businesses, Network V2 (NV2). This is the first and only network to be shipped pre-configured to the customer’s location, ready to use out of the box. NV2 consists of Microsoft network software and Dell hardware, and can accommodate from two to seventy-five users.

Before Network V2, ordering and receiving a network was just the beginning of the long, complex process of putting those computers to work. A company’s only choice was to configure and load the custom hardware, software, peripherals and company files on to each computer, and endure the accompanying headaches. It has always been an expensive, time-consuming hassle, and more than a few small companies have simply been avoiding it.

According to Seamless founder and CTO Mathew Keister, enterprise-level business solutions are well defined, but small businesses have too few options although they often need the same functionality and security. “Seamless was founded on our belief that small-to-midsize businesses should have access to the same level of technology as large corporations. Network V2 addresses the need for a full-featured network for businesses caught between a lack of expert staff and concerns about outside contracting. We can now serve those businesses that need a network’s advantages but have had no clear path around the costs in time, dollars, and productivity that invariably come with installing an office network.”

The process of obtaining an NV2 system is straightforward. First, Seamless surveys the customer to identify the network requirements and the users’ occupational hardware needs. Once the specifications are defined, the components are ordered from Dell, which ships the hardware to Seamless. The Microsoft network software is installed, configured and tested. The entire system is packed up and shipped to the customer. When it arrives, it is ready to connect and use. The customer will copy any working files to the server and individual terminals as needed, users will change passwords, and the network is up and running. Support is available during the final setup, and there are several ongoing support plans available. Complete information is available at www.NetworkV2.com.

Seamless Development is a professional US corporation located in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, employing handpicked experts in their respective fields, holding résumé entries that include the US Army, Google, eBay, and IBM. Seamless provides end-to-end IT services including web development and support services, e-commerce, custom applications, network deployment and administration, communications and data solutions, corporate identity, and more.

The Web Development staff employs programmers certified in the newest site development tools such as .NET 2.0, and highly talented graphic and flash artists. Our emphasis on cutting-edge technology results in a website product that is comparatively more feature-rich while demanding fewer resources. Seamless provides complete web solutions that include hosting, SEO, and domain name registry. We also offer specialized software that can, for example, propagate inventory automatically to multiple online stores with real-time stock updating.

Seamless has Windows networking experts on staff, delivering design, deployment, and administration to small business, remote site, and enterprise networks, including terminal services, DNS, WINS, Exchange Server, Project Server, SharePoint, IIS, and more. We have experience in mixed-environment Windows networking; e.g., integration of Linux or Mac clients. We also offer remote IT administration and helpdesk services.
Seamless has extensive experience in virtualization technologies such as VMware, Virtual Server 2005, Virtual PC 2004 and Mac edition, and Parallels workstation for Windows, Intel-Mac, and Linux.

Programming and web technologies: ActionScript, AppleScript, ASP.NET 2.0, Ajax/Atlas, C#, C/C++, Cocoa, CSS, Flash, Flash Visual Basic, HTML, Java, JavaScript, PERL, PHP, RTML, Shell Script, Visual Basic, XHML, and XML
Database technologies: PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Server technologies: Windows Server 2003 (IIS. 6.0), Windows Server 2000 (IIS 5.0), Windows Small Business Server, and Linux (Apache)

Networking and security: Remote administration, Site 2 Site VPN, Dial In VPN, DHCP, DNS, Terminal Services, TCP/IP, Wireless Networking, Expert Windows Networking with mixed environment clients (Windows OS, Mac OSX, Linux)



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