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Major Israeli ISP Deploys Aladdin eSafe SecureSurfing Solution to Answer Businesses' Need for Protection Against Spyware, Phishing Threats

December 14, 2006; 08:18 AM
Aladdin Knowledge Systems, the leader in Software DRM, identity management and content security solutions, today announced that a growing number of ISPs, including Smile-Internet Gold, one of Israel's largest ISPs, are implementing Aladdin's eSafe SecureSurfing(TM) solution to offer business customers unmatched, management-free security services. In addition to a successful, ongoing program that offers consumers "clean pipe" Internet access, a new Smile-Internet Gold offering brings the same award-winning service to businesses.

The eSafe SecureSurfing solution allows ISPs to offer a centralized security service that filters Web traffic before it reaches the surfer, freeing ISP subscribers of the hassle of maintaining desktop-based software to thwart threats such as spyware and phishing attacks. Subscribing businesses report they take advantage of the new service because their organizations cannot tolerate the higher risk and decline in production if spyware or phishing attacks affect them.

Announced less than a year ago as the first-ever technology designed for ISP-managed security services, eSafe SecureSurfing is experiencing interest from ISPs around the world. After unveiling the offering just six months ago, Internet Gold reports that a significant number of its consumer customers have chosen to subscribe to the service, named "Safety-Net" by Smile-Internet Gold.

"We see significant, ongoing potential for securing our business customers' Internet access via Aladdin's eSafe SecureSurfing solution, as it has proven to be a popular service for consumers, and business ISP subscribers need protection just as much," said Zvika Sheinfeld, vice president of marketing for Internet Gold. "It simply makes sense to offer centralized protection to customers who desire security from spyware and other threats, but who do not want to mess with the management of a desktop based solution. eSafe SecureSurfing is an innovative offering that allows us to provide a valuable, additional service that serves as a powerful differentiator from the competition."

    For a monthly fee, Internet Gold ISP customers receive:

    * Real-time Web surfing security with four-layer spyware blocking
      utilizing 15 anti-spyware technologies, stopping both standard and
      targeted spyware attacks
    * Real-time Web surfing Trojan and worm blocking with full inspection of
      all Web page content
    * Real-time Web surfing exploit, vulnerability, and AJAX client-attacks
      blocking -- truly proactive security
    * Web email security and antivirus effective for almost any web-based
      email service, including Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo! Mail, etc.

"Smile-Internet Gold's success with the eSafe SecureSurfing solution illustrates the beginning of an entirely new opportunity for ISPs -- a valuable security service led by Aladdin's ongoing innovation and expertise in content security," said Shimon Gruper, vice president of technologies for the Aladdin eSafe Business Unit. "Not only does Smile-Internet Gold's fast adoption of eSafe SecureSurfing reinforce the great demand for 'clean pipe' technology, but it also shows the great potential for ISP differentiation. Powerful security and no hassle -- it's the combination ISPs from around the globe see as very appealing to businesses as well as home users."

On November 8th, Aladdin also announced that Transbeam, one of New York City's leading ISPs for hotels and schools, selected the Aladdin's eSafe SecureSurfing solution to offer the service to its business customers. For more information on the eSafe SecureSurfing, visit http://www.aladdin.com/esafe/SecureSurfing/SecureSurfing_isp.asp.

About Aladdin eSafe

Aladdin eSafe is a high capacity, perimeter-based, strong content security solution that provides organizations a transparent shield from threats and enhances productivity. eSafe enables organizations to supply secure Web surfing through a wire speed security gateway featuring powerful anti-spyware and unauthorized application filtering; reduce spam though a proactive email security gateway with advanced spam management; and improve security through URL filtering with transparent inspection of HTTP, FTP, SMTP and POP3. For more information, please visit http://www.Aladdin.com/eSafe.

About Internet Gold

Internet Gold is an Israeli communications group operating in the fields of Internet Access, e-content/e-advertising, e-commerce, search and VoIP-based telephony. Established in 1996, the Group is controlled by one of Israel's major investment companies, Eurocom Communications. Its shares are traded on the Nasdaq exchange under the symbol IGLD and on the TASE -- TA 100. Among Israel's first Internet Service Providers (ISP), Internet Gold is building on its strong broadband subscriber base and the rise of the Internet as an advertising and retail media to expand into fertile new markets. For additional information about Internet Gold, please visit http://www.igld.com.

About Aladdin

Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd. (Nasdaq: ALDN - News), founded in 1985, is a global provider of security solutions. Its security products are organized into two segments: Software Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Enterprise Security. Aladdin's Software DRM products allow software developers and publishers to protect their intellectual property, increase revenues through licensing, and reduce losses from software piracy. Aladdin's Enterprise Security solutions enable organizations to secure their information technology assets by controlling who has access to their networks (identity and password management) and what content their users can utilize (proactive content security). Aladdin has offices in 10 countries, a worldwide network of channel partners and holds numerous industry awards for innovation and reliability. For more information, please visit the Aladdin Web site at http://www.Aladdin.com

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