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New Analyst Report Describes How the Enterprise Can Derive Tangible Benefits from Adopting Web 2.0 Technologies and Tools

November 28, 2006; 06:10 AM
Serendipity Technologies Inc., a provider of Enterprise 2.0 software products that consumerize the enterprise application experience, today posted on its website a new IDC report that shows adoption of Web 2.0 “consumer” technologies can give the business user a more intuitive work environment, streamlining information overload and creating significant efficiencies in the workplace.

The IDC Executive Brief, entitled “Getting Results by Empowering the Information Worker: What Web 2.0 Offers Beyond Blogs and Wikis,” finds that Web 2.0 technologies like RSS, Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), application mashups and social bookmarking, represent new opportunities for quickly locating and retrieving operational data.

“Workers must be empowered to locate and view the information they deem most useful to their task at hand, wherever that information may reside,” according to the report, which was sponsored by Serendipity and is available at www.serendipity-tech.com.

Judicious use of these technologies will help alleviate what IDC calls “death by navigation,” which describes the fatigue and inefficiency associated with toggling between myriad workplace data sources and applications.

“The orchestration of data is becoming increasingly difficult, as organizations store more and more data,” say the report’s authors, Gilad Nass, research director in emerging technology, and Mark Levitt, program vice president for collaborative computing and the enterprise workplace, IDC. “Consequently, employees spend more time searching, accessing, retrieving and then using the information to do their jobs.”

Ultimately, the use of Web 2.0 technologies promises to increase productivity and the morale of today's enterprise worker. Consider the unique challenges being faced by enterprise information workers and the diverse types of data they access in a day. According to the brief, “the burden on the enterprise information worker intensifies while productivity suffers.” Workers access systems such as customer relationship management and sales contact databases, supply chain and inventory systems, Web sites and Web pages and e-mail systems. It is easy to see how workers waste countless hours locating information rather than focusing on the task or job at hand.

Serendipity Technologies is developing software products that harness Web 2.0 technologies to provide a consumer-like user experience to information workers who need access to data in multiple applications and data stores. This differentiates unstructured data, which are being addressed in Web 2.0 via blogs and wikis, from structured data, such as that which resides in commonly used enterprise applications. This is what emerging technology companies like Serendipity address.

“Employees spend much of their day toggling between different applications to retrieve data they need to do their jobs,” said Shahar Kaminitz, CEO and founder of Serendipity Technologies. “These employees waste vast amounts of time as they become worn down by the tedium and frustration of trying to find relevant information. Worker productivity plummets as the volume of information they consume continues to swell.”



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