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Whiteboard Labs Creates Adobe Flash-based, Rich Internet Application for Custom Apparel Company

November 21, 2006; 06:46 AM
Whiteboard Labs, an innovative Houston-based Web solution company, used an Adobe Flash-based Rich Internet Application (RIA) to make the online designing and purchasing of customized attire at YouDesignIt.com a faster, customer-driven experience, said Rodrigo Jimenez, Whiteboard Labs CEO.

Web sites have traditionally used Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) for online apparel ordering, which put customers on a set path. For example, consumers need to make choices in a certain order, such as shirt type, color, text, graphic, quantity and price, explained Jimenez.

“Now customers can design the shirt and make a purchase in any order and in only one or two screens, rather than in six or seven,” he said. “It sounds easy, but it is a big deal to turn a complex process into a fun, interactive experience.”

For YouDesignIt.com President Blake Poutra, Whiteboard Labs’ Web site application resolved business issues and met a marketing need.

“Whiteboard Labs took our bricks and mortar business and basic brochure based site, and created an interactive superb Web site that eliminated common industry issues, such as slow turnaround, slow artwork approval, high artwork costs, and slow quotes,” Poutra said. “The application Whiteboard Labs developed for us solved all of these problems.”

“Now, with YouDesignIt.com, people are able to go online and choose their products, create their design, and make a purchase with a few easy steps. They are guaranteed to receive their finished product in 10 days with free shipping nationwide,” he continued.


Whiteboard Labs has a history of innovation, being one of the world’s first companies to use a Rich Internet Application to allow for intuitive online searches. The tools pioneered by the company, which included user-friendly Flash-based user interfaces, have been used extensively in the hotel and real estate industries.

The progressive company has an equally unique business model in that it has a traditional customized Web solution development side, as well as a research and development side. This R&D side of the business model developed and recently launched MotionNotes (www.motionnotes.com). The company also markets other Web solutions, such as Tralix (www.tralix.com).

For more information, visit www.whiteboardlabs.com.



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