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Sogeti Group Contributes Unique Client/Server AJAX Technology to ObjectWeb's Open Source Middleware Stack

November 15, 2006; 08:38 AM
Sogeti, a european leader in IT services and R&D outsourcing and wholly-owned subsidiary of the international Capgemini Group, and ObjectWeb, a nonprofit consortium of companies and research organizations from around the world who have joined forces to produce next-generation open source middleware, today announced the availability of pre-release 1.0 of Telosys – an open source AJAX framework for Java EE specifically designed to facilitate migration of client/server applications and rapid development of new applications.

ObjectWeb Telosys is a self-sufficient solution that covers both the presentation and the persistence layers as required in rich client web applications. Its modular architecture hides most of the complexity of AJAX, making acquisition of skills easier for non specialized development teams. The first uses have shown productivity gains of 15 to 40% depending on the context.

Telosys has been designed and developed over the last three years through experience gained by Sogeti Régions (Sogeti) while working for customers on the migration of production client/server systems to the Java EE platform. Because AJAX is an enabling technology for the development of business applications, Sogeti decided to adopt a proactive open source strategy by making the result of internal R&D available in open source and by joining ObjectWeb to develop the community.

“The key drivers of Telosys implementation provide developers with a practical and useful framework which can be used on both simple applications and more complex ones as in a SOA environment. Telosys fully complies with this requirement. Moreover, thanks to Telosys, I am proud to see that Sogeti is actively contributing to the Open Source community where experience and knowledge are extensively shared,” said Jacques MEZHRAHID, Sogeti CTO.

Because it is designed to address needs in terms of development lifecycle for business applications, Telosys is an important extension of ObjectWeb's Java™ middleware stack for the enterprise.

“AJAX nicely standardises asynchronous client side programming of web-based applications, allowing the development of powerful frameworks such as Telosys. Indeed Telosys provides a complete and efficient AJAX/J2EE solution for rapid development or port of traditional screen-based applications over the Web." said Christophe NEY, ObjectWeb Chief Architect

Thanks to dedicated development tools, Telosys is well suited to projects based on rapid application development (RAD) or agile development methodologies. The benefits of the Web paradigm are made easier to leverage in a more traditional client/server design. Because Telosys is open source, upfront costs are limited to training.

The technical architecture is primarily performance-oriented with low memory footprint, high scalability, bandwidth optimization. A wide range of clients (web browsers, heavy clients, hybrid workstations) may interact with the same server application in a transparent manner.

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a generic term recently coined to describe techniques for creating rich client web applications. Telosys is hosted by ObjectWeb and distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

Telosys Web site: http://telosys.objectweb.org

About ObjectWeb

Founded in 2002 by Bull, France Telecom and INRIA, ObjectWeb is a consortium of leading companies and research organizations from around the world who have joined forces to produce next generation of Open Source Middleware. ObjectWeb's goal is to provide Real-Time Enterprises with independent solutions which combine quality and robustness at the best possible performance/cost ratio. ObjectWeb targets alternative solutions to proprietary products for e-business, business integration, data connectivity, grid computing, and enterprise messaging. Based on Open Standards, ObjectWeb's middleware includes application servers, components, frameworks and tools. Examples of ObjectWeb's "cost killer" middleware are JOnAS - an Open Source certified implementation of the J2EE specification, JORAM - a Message Oriented Middleware and Enhydra - a Java/XML Application Server.


About Sogeti

SOGETI Group (100% subsidiary of the Capgemini Group), leader in IT services and R&D outsourcing, offers a range of local professional services in High Tech Consulting and Information Technology for large companies through these three complementary areas:

  • High Tech or High Tech Consulting: Outsourcing Research and Development and Innovation Advice. Scientific and technical research and developments, mechanical design, development of complex systems.
  • Application Services or systems integration: From the conception to the maintenance of the information system: consulting, architecture, contracting owner's assistance, development, integration, testing and maintenance of application assets.
  • Infrastructure Services or integration management and systems administration: From the integration of technical infrastructures to the implementation of the IT system: consulting, technical architecture, engineering, integration, installation and administration of systems and networks, implementation management and user support.

In total, SOGETI has more than 15,000 professionals with 9,000 in France.

ObjectWeb - Executive Director
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Sogeti – Communications Director
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Sogeti – Press relations
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