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Axeda Announces the Release of Axeda DRM 4

November 14, 2006; 08:55 AM

Axeda Corporation, the leading provider of remote product service and support software, today announced the release of Axeda DRM 4. The Company combined its market-leading vision with feedback from over 50 worldwide customers to extend its Device Relationship Management (DRM) system with new capabilities that increase user productivity.

"Axeda DRM 4 is a major release that makes it even easier for our customers to deliver a new generation of high-value remote services to their customers," said Brian Anderson, vice president of marketing, Axeda Corporation. "With Axeda DRM 4, our customers can rapidly access critical information from products deployed in the field, and act on it with maximum efficiency."

Select Axeda DRM 4 product and feature highlights include: Axeda Global Access for Increased Performance

The new Axeda Global Access Server dramatically increases the speed of the Axeda Access product line for organizations with worldwide deployments. By automatically directing the target device to the nearest server with the most session capacity, it enables global customers to work "locally" and diagnose and resolve product issues even faster, with up to 10 x performance enhancements versus competing technologies."With Axeda Global Access we can have several servers placed around the world, allowing us to shorten the distance between connection points, which significantly decreases latency," said Markus Bissig, IT project manager Europe, Varian Medical Systems. "As a global company, we now have a remote access system that delivers optimum performance across widely dispersed geographies."

Axeda Report for Quick and Easy Ad-Hoc Reporting

Axeda Report is a new, powerful reporting application that helps users display detailed information quickly and easily. Streamlined and more straightforward than traditional querying tools, Axeda Report enables users to perform ad-hoc queries on information within Axeda DRM, without requiring any knowledge of the location or structure of the underlying data. With this new application, management can easily obtain success metrics of the remote service initiative while marketing, engineering and quality departments can mine device data for product and process improvement.

Refined User Interface for Increased Usability and Productivity

The Axeda DRM 4 user interface (UI) is enhanced to increase utility for all users, with features that meet the unique needs of field service and call center teams. Key new UI features in Axeda DRM 4 include:

* Improved search capabilities. Searching is seamlessly integrated within the service dashboard, enabling users to quickly locate groups of devices so they spend more time resolving problems and less time navigating the system.

* Increased UI performance. Using Ajax, an innovative, nonproprietary web development technique, web pages are more responsive, allowing screens to display in less than 2 seconds.

* Instant web alerts. Alerts appear immediately on the service dashboard to inform users of device problems or issues that require action.

* Alert escalation. A configurable escalation process ensures unresolved alerts, such as alarms sent from failed devices, are communicated to users via multiple channels.

Additional InformationAbout Axeda Corporation

Axeda is a registered trademark of Axeda Corporation. Axeda DRM, Axeda Device Relationship Management System, Axeda Agents, Axeda Applications, Axeda Policy Manager, Axeda Enterprise, Axeda Access, Axeda Software Management, Axeda Service, Axeda Usage, Firewall-Friendly, Maximum Results, and Maximum Support are trademarks of Axeda Corporation. All other trademarks are either property of Axeda Corporation or property of their respective owners.

    Press Contacts:
    Erin Nolan Smith
    Director, Marketing Communications



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