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The Elegant Way to Spend Money: E-Commerce 2.0 on the March

November 10, 2006; 04:44 AM
According to hybris (www.hybris.com), a leading vendor of e-commerce and product information management (PIM) solutions, product recommendations alone do not give any online shop the E-Commerce 2.0 seal: online shopping using Web 2.0 technologies uses more than just a little interaction. hybris wants to underline that as an e-business expert, it already has numerous customers for its solutions, which were designed to support E-Commerce 2.0. “For us, useful E-Commerce 2.0 developments mean that customers can make purchases online more easily and have a fuller experience. The shop owner’s revenue can be increased and brand empathy is improved”, said Ariel Lüdi, CEO of hybris.

The ideal E-Commerce 2.0 application brings buyers together, using integrated communities, reviews or “tell-a-friend” functions, and from the dealer’s point of view reinforces the ‘grapevine propaganda’ component of the purchase – keywords ‘social commerce’: more than 1000 users are active in the online community for the scooter shop Scooter-Attack, in order to exchange information. For the Austrian snowboard shop Blue Tomato, visitors can publish their own experiences and comments, in which the products mentioned are linked directly with the shop. Both shops are based on the hybris E-Commerce solution, which was pronounced Best Retail Technology Solution 2006 at this year’s European Retail Solutions Awards.

In order to meet the requirements of Shopping 2.0, hybris and its partners integrate AJAX components into the shop solutions. This enables implementation of interactive, desktop-like Web applications that are trailblazers when it comes to user experience and visual design. This can include, for example, drag & drop shopping baskets, personalised interactive content, rich media product displays, dynamic content or affiliate functions for decentralised commerce.

Continued Ludi: “Implemented Web 2.0 functions are important for a successful e-commerce solution, but are ultimately only one component. It is just as important to have a uniform data basis and consistent product information management. This is the only way online traders can ensure that they use information consistently, that their brand presence remains standardised and that content can be adapted to different output channels according to the medium used. This is the only way that today’s customer requirements can be successfully met”.

hybris’ combination of its PIM solution and Commerce Suite gives online traders an e-business tool adjusted specifically to their needs. Multi-source product information within the company is managed in a central repository in a media-independent format. From here, all downstream distribution channels can be served – from websites and e-commerce, through e-procurement, to the various offline and online catalogue formats - this is imperative for the synchronisation of all information for multi-channel retailers and distributors. Consumers profit from accurate prices and correct detail and image information in the online shop, whilst traders can install add-on modules from the Commerce Suite in order to transform shopping, using product advisors, shopping lists, intelligent searches, visual product selection, newsletters, ‘happy hour’ offers, one-click payment functions and various multimedia content in a single shopping experience.

“The success of E-Commerce 2.0 is obvious when you look at the growth figures for hybris customers: by implementing an e-commerce solution based on a PIM platform, revenue using the online channel increases on average by around 30 percent”, emphasised Ariel Lüdi.

About hybris:

hybris develops and distributes software solutions for the management of product information and catalogue data, and the applications employing them – E-Commerce, E-Procurement and Database Publishing. The flexibility of the solutions enables our implementation partners to adapt the hybris software according to the individual demands and business processes of medium-sized to large corporations. Amongst the companies that already trust and employ hybris software are industry-leading businesses like Bechtle, Blaupunkt, Opel, DEMAG, PUMA, Premiere, Inbev, Edeka, Talkline, Webasto and XXXLutz.

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